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Detailed human skull (wip) 3d model

Detailed human skull (wip) 3d model free Detailed human skull (wip) 3d model free Detailed human skull (wip) 3d model free

Even though it's a WIP, I upload it because I haven't worked on it for a while and won't have time to finish it for another while, but I think some people can benefit from it already.

I started this project to study artistic anatomy for character design, but as often went over board. I had several scanned real skulls as reference to help me get an accurate model but still sculpted from scratch, as the scanned models were not so clean and all joined in one mesh (but mostly just for learning purposes).

Since the original file is too big for, this is a decimated version (still detailed enough for some use cases) but you can download the original here :

You can also follow the progress and critiques here :

Created by Caetano Veyssieres,

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3 weeks ago ⋅
3 weeks ago ⋅
how can I get rid of the text you have pinned to the side of the skull please
2 months ago ⋅
@nrgpix I don't know what program you're using but the skull and text should be 2 separate objects, so you can simply select it and delete it (del key with Blender)
1 month ago ⋅
Perfect! Can i create motion graphics video and sell it on videostocks sites???
2 months ago ⋅
@soulinbox sorry for the late response, it sucks we can't set up free3D to notify us by mail. Anyway, the model is CC BY 3.0 : So yes you can, by following the few rules indicated.
2 months ago ⋅
holy shit
3 months ago ⋅
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