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Hulk 3d model

Hulk 3d model free Hulk 3d model free

Hulk - low poly model with textures

Rigged version with new textures HERE

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What program do you use to animate?
4 days ago ⋅
gd model
2 months ago ⋅
Guys very nice...............
4 months ago ⋅
Guys im really stuck on copying this to blender
4 months ago ⋅
I used this model in this video and i'll also use in my upcoming movie
9 months ago ⋅
nice work, this is really cool! please check out my short animation:
2 years ago ⋅
thanks!! I used this model in my video:
3 years ago ⋅
does any one know how to download these on a mac
3 years ago ⋅
This model was used for the hulk effect in blender.
4 years ago ⋅
thank you
5 years ago ⋅
I love it! Nice work, a body of mine is gonna rig this badass into Brawl!

Any intentions on ripping from the Avengers Kinect Game with the newest model of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? I was hoping to get them, so if you're not gonna, I'll have to write up a script myself thumb
5 years ago ⋅
Thank you.
Added this into The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim as a Action Figure cool
5 years ago ⋅
If you're not going to get any more models can you tell us what tools you used?
6 years ago ⋅
excuse my uploader the obj file is not right his face is like in this pic sorry !! It will be great if you update it !! hope you release a new one !!
6 years ago ⋅
6 years ago ⋅
This is Awesome!! Do you have any other models from the game???!!
6 years ago ⋅
hey can anyone upload a rogged model of hulk plzzz!!
6 years ago ⋅
Is the Hulkbuster armor possible or was that just a console thing?
6 years ago ⋅
6 years ago ⋅
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6 years ago
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