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Organodron City 3d model

Organodron City 3d model free Organodron City 3d model free Organodron City 3d model free Organodron City 3d model free Organodron City 3d model free Organodron City 3d model free

Organodron City by Herminio Nieves 2014

Created by Herminio Nieves,


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can u provide the textures files which is showing on the image when i render it its not showing like that. this is my mail id : [email protected] provide me the textures
4 weeks ago ⋅
@chepuriranjit to make it look like this you need to render in Bryce and make the textures metallic and shiny!
2 weeks ago ⋅
Hi I'm RISHABH it's really greate creativity But I'm in big trouble is just model but I need actually whole complete model as shown in picture Please I request you can you give me this whole Project ? If possible then send it to my mail id = [email protected] I need in Collage projects and more . Thank you
4 weeks ago ⋅
Is this another account of yours because if not someone else is claiming to be the author of your model. sohailakram59 on CGTrader
4 weeks ago ⋅
@cheren thank you for the infridgement notification!
2 days ago ⋅
Is .obj blender compatible?
4 weeks ago ⋅
@legoman0_0 Yes, you can import it into blender
4 weeks ago ⋅
@legoman0_0 yh
4 days ago ⋅
fantastic !! :-o
3 months ago ⋅
I Cant import this to blender 2.78
4 months ago ⋅
@adarsh_2006 Try opening the compress folder and pull it out then in blender import the uncompress folder.
3 months ago ⋅
Love this city. Will use it in my little sci-fi home movie. Great stuff!
4 months ago ⋅
can i import this to Unreal Engine?
9 months ago ⋅
@yippiyow I don't know
9 months ago ⋅
Wow.Perfect :) what program did you use ? Thanks :)
3 years ago ⋅
@eflatun Hexagon,daz3d and anim8or
3 years ago ⋅
Wow Amazing work Herminio! I'm an animator/ director and putting together a pitch package to get fundings for a film or TV series. Do you have direct website or links to contact for when I can afford to hire you?
3 years ago ⋅
@drake_tv i have 2 websites one is and
3 years ago ⋅
Awesome looking model Herminio!!! Great job!!! :D
3 years ago ⋅
@jbjdesigns Thanks! hope you enjoy it!
3 years ago ⋅
@jbjdesigns thanks!
3 months ago ⋅
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3 years ago
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