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X-Wing 3d model

X-Wing 3d model free X-Wing 3d model free

The Incom T-65 X-wing starfighter was the primary all-purpose starfighter of the Rebel Alliance and its successor governments.
Credits are listed in the text file.
Design copyright is held by Disney. This model is for personal use only.

Created by Glenn Campbell,


.3ds, .obj, .max
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Hi, I work for an out source of star wars product, and I was wondering if we could use this comercial use? (Our client has the star wars licences)
2 months ago ⋅
@foxdie491 I cannot give permission on behalf of Disney, sorry. The license, as stated, must stand.
2 months ago ⋅
How do I get the materials to import with model? I only get white materials on all. I am on R16 C4D Mac.
5 months ago ⋅
@bartvan-3d-7 Yeah, that's a C4D issue. The materials are set in scene properly, you need to re-link the maps to the materials to propagate correctly. Google '3DS Max to C4D conversion' to see why. All maps you need are included for this reason.
4 months ago ⋅
The t-65 wasnt used by the new republic. They used the improved t-70 model.
5 months ago ⋅
@thedestroyer81624 True. They did. I made this model in 1997, when Lucas let the games completely screw the X-Wing lineage so badly Disney had to spawn the T-70 just to combat the conflicting naming systems and jumbled timelines. And that's why the above article both agrees and disagrees with you.
4 months ago ⋅
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