Free 3D Electrónica Models

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Notebook Low-Poly Version 3d model
.unity .fbx .dae .blender .dxf .x .x3d .3ds .obj .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mtl .dxf
Microwave 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mtl .stl
Coffee machine with rigged cable 3d model
.3ds .obj .blend .fbx .mtl
Fan Animated 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mesh .dxf .stl
Coffee Machine Rigged 3d model
.3ds .obj .blend .fbx .mtl
Alienware 18 3d model
.dae .blender .3ds .x3d .ply .obj .fbx .3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx
Satellite dishes rigged and low poly 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mtl .dxf .stl
JGC Radio High Poly 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mtl .dxf .stl
Air Conditioner Rigged 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mtl .dxf
Gun Bot Design 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .dxf .stl
Sphere-Bot 2.8 Version 3d model
.blend .fbx .x .dae .x3d .obj
Water boiler with rigged power cable 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mtl
Rigged Wall Lamp 3d model
.3ds .obj .dae .blend .fbx .mtl .dxf
Sphere-Bot Basic 3d model
.blend .dae .fbx .obj