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Femme en lingerie modèle 3D

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La description

Sexy Woman in Lingerie

*Include a few animations*

May 31, 2014 date ajoutée
Jan 07, 2020 dernière mise à jour


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I am new to working with 3d objects. Thank you for the use of your model.
theladarks77 Il ya 1 mois Répondre2
hoyt777 il y a 3 mois Répondre2
thank you
sikawa il y a 1 an Répondre2
aunque me recuerda a Sailor Iron Mouse de Sailor Moon (Solo que sin ropa xD) yo soy Buzz Yogurt Light y necesito crear una ropa para esa chica :3
claudespeed il y a 1 an Répondre2
excellent model
fluttershy1765 il y a 1 an Répondre2
great designing hand......
coffeeable il y a 1 an Répondre2
hola. gracias por el modelo esta muy padre
luisisrael102030 il y a 2 Répondre2
testando kktestando kkk
robertowell il y a 2 Répondre2
Hi, I love your model & animations and I'm looking for a model for my app. Can I use it for free while credit to you? Or do you provide any commercial license solution?
barryyoong il y a 2 Répondre2
thanks for the Base Model.
nyazillagojira il y a 2 Répondre2
Thanks for good job!
ysryuh il y a 2 Répondre2
romanati il y a 2 Répondre2
i love your models ;3
sirichi1 il y a 2 Répondre2
i love your models ;3
kingstonl33t il y a 2 Répondre2
Can you please make both your models .obj?
crowzan il y a 2 Répondre2
bleedor il y a 2 Répondre2
bleedor il y a 2 Répondre2
this model's Bodyline is nice form! But armature is incomplete structured,cause of that,it is difficult for pose it. .I wonder if this model could move correctly... I think you study seting armatures,then,your model can be better than now.
nylonian il y a 3 Répondre2
I downloaded this model and loaded it into blender. My goal is to put the model into T position. Howcome your models aren't in T position ready for animation with Mixamo autorigger. (free if you have an adobe id).
falsalarm il y a 4 Répondre2
Very good, great job
non3d il y a 4 Répondre2
Do you have any locomotion anims with this model such as walk cycles? The model is awesome! Well done!
potatoxmasher il y a 4 Répondre2
Your models are stunning, You have a blog With your renders ?
browl il y a 5 Répondre2