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Hello and welcome, i am a game developer, 3d modeller and student of computation
Member since: Aug 19, 2014
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Blender; Photoshop;
Game and Apps programming
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low poly girl 3d model
FREE low poly girl
2D low poly rooster 3d model
low poly helicopter model 3d model
Camel Low Poly 3d model
low poly male 3d model
FREE low poly male
Dog Low Poly 3d model
FREE Dog Low Poly
bomberman 3d model
FREE bomberman
Pharaoh 3d model
FREE Pharaoh
BGE Fight Combat Template a0.0.6 3d model
Scene for game 3d model
BGE Fight Combat Template a0.0.5 3d model
Scene for Game 3d model
couch for living room 3d model
Child day Google Doodle 3d model
low poly male ancient egyptian slave 3d model
Dynamic Camera for Fight Game BGE Template 3d model
BGE Tower of Hanoi Game Template 3d model
Calculator in Blender  3d model