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Plante d'intérieur 02 modèle 3D

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  • Géométrie- Geometry -
  • Des polygones234
  • Sommets366
  • Les texturesYes
  • MatériauxNo
  • GrééNo
  • AniméNo
  • Prêt pour l'impression 3DNo
  • Jeu Prêt (low poly)Yes
  • UV mappéYes
  • UV non emballésOverlapping

Formats et fichiers

(.obj, .fbx)

La description

Game Ready asset created for use within the Unreal Engine. Asset can be used for architectural renders, game environments, etc. This asset was designed to make it easier for you to quickly add to your game without having to re-export any materials/models.

Materials are all PBR compliant to make lighting more consistent and easier. Included are three texture maps. Diffuse map, '_g' map (roughness and metal map packed in channels), and a normal map. All maps have a texture resolution of 2048x2048. Textures exported as .TGA.
The model is exported as both .OBJ and .FBX (both accepted by Unreal Engine 4.

Verts: 366
Faces: 234
Tris: 438

_c: Diffuse map
_g: Roughness (Packed in Red), Metal (Packed in Green), Opacity mask (Packed in Blue)
_n: Normal Map
Dec 02, 2017 date ajoutée
Aug 22, 2019 dernière mise à jour


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