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Quelques arbres morts modèle 3D

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  • GéométriePolygon Mesh
  • Des polygones0
  • Sommets0
  • Les texturesNo
  • MatériauxNo
  • GrééNo
  • AniméNo
  • Prêt pour l'impression 3DNo
  • Jeu Prêt (low poly)No
  • UV mappéNo
  • UV non emballésUnknown

Formats et fichiers

3DS, SolidWorks
(.3ds, .sldprt)


La description

Some dead trees with surface. Only 3DS.
Jan 04, 2013 date ajoutée
Oct 19, 2019 dernière mise à jour


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Funcionan a la perfeci'on. Para importar solo agregu'e el folder completo a Unity y los puedo usar individualmente sin problemas. Gracias!
badshot il y a 2 mois Répondre2
gracias, está interesante luego envio dudas
rubenpr1989 il y a 2 Répondre2
thank you
pureevilwindom il y a 2 Répondre2
Good morning, we are doing a totally indie commercial Brazilian game, and we would like to be requesting your permission to be using this object that you have developed in our game, thank you for already.
andersonalmeida il y a 3 Répondre2
How do you get the models into Unity separately with each tree a different prefab?
ultimateterror il y a 4 Répondre2
What is 3DS?
ultimateterror il y a 5 Répondre2
a nintendo product
panda_edits il y a 3 Répondre2
great, thanks!
shaou32 il y a 6 Répondre2
this is good texture, I like it.
bosantos2 il y a 6 Répondre2
Thanks :O) There are some who tell otherwise, what program are you using?
kim il y a 6 Répondre2
Thank you that you think they are cool - well those are wintertime trees - so they should look cool :-) . However they are quite old models which I created for e-on Vue using L-System code. Now new powerful plant editor is available - The Plant Factory. You can dowload a free PLE copy of TPF and learn more about this new editor from my website Green Gene :
czarnyrobert il y a 7 Répondre2
These look very cool..thank-you for sharing smile biggrin biggrin
il y a 7 Répondre2