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Alberi 7 Modello 3D

Licenza d'uso personale
133,869 visite
57,211 download


  • GeometriaPolygon Mesh
  • poligoni0
  • vertici0
  • TexturesNo
  • materialeNo
  • riggedNo
  • AnimatoNo
  • Prontabile in 3DNo
  • Gioco pronto (low poly)No
  • UV mappatoNo
  • UV non avvoltoUnknown

Formati e file

3DS, SolidWorks
(.3ds, .sldprt)



Read the first in trees series.
Leggi la prima serie sugli alberi.
Feb 23, 2013 Data aggiunta
Nov 20, 2019 ultimo aggiornamento


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WOW.. Excellent work, i like it, thanks.
demoletor 2 anni fa REPLY2
sayan_2519 2 anni fa REPLY2
de-downloda 3 anni fa REPLY2
Sometimes I to laugh at the rules and conditions. What use is there in buying a program if you are not allowed to use the end product for something I do not understand it: :O)
kim 8 anni fa REPLY2
You should read Vue EULA. I am sure that e-on software don\'t allow to distribute plant models from Vue. In case of their new plant edition software TPF, they even forbid to make public or sell any models you make from scratch, not to mention the models delivered with the software. But personally I have no problem with mine models available here :-)) When you export models form Vue, you should set in export settings option \"generate alphamaps\", because all models you have uploaded miss alphas, so they are unusable in current format. Check more about 3D plants creation on
czarnyrobert 8 anni fa REPLY2
I am happy you enjoy those models, but be aware that they may breach e-on copyrights. Those are models I have made some 8 years ago on behalf of e-on software using Botanica plant editor for Vue. Now I am working on new 3D trees in the most advanced plant editor yet available - The Plant Factory. I have developed TPF editor with e-on for last 6 years. It is really good. You can try a free version of it. I invite you to visit my new website about 3D vegetation :
czarnyrobert 8 anni fa REPLY2
I don\'t know about copyright, i made them with e-on software and the end product, the trees, must be mine.
kim 8 anni fa REPLY2