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Male Base Mesh 3d model

Male Base Mesh royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
Male Base Mesh royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
Male Base Mesh royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
Male Base Mesh royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
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  • GeometriePolygon Mesh
  • polygonen0
  • hoekpunten0
  • texturesNo
  • materialenNo
  • opgetuigdNo
  • AnimatedNo
  • Geschikt voor 3D-afdrukNo
  • Game Ready (laag poly)No
  • UV-gemappedNo
  • Onverpakte UV'sUnknown

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This Male Base Mesh was created by Paul Chen,I just corrected a few details to work comfortably in zbrush
Feb 20, 2015 Datum toegevoegd
Nov 20, 2019 laatste update


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Hi, can i import this into after effects to make short video clips with? Eventually i plan to sell these video clips. can i do this with this license?
robgifftwi1231 3 maanden geleden Reply2
darts501 3 maanden geleden Reply2
Thank you
karl-heinz 4 maanden geleden Reply2
ibrasp 4 maanden geleden Reply2
Would be better if it was rigged...
farhanihsb 5 maanden geleden Reply2
jetman104 6 maanden geleden Reply2
thanks ...
zoelkiflie 6 maanden geleden Reply2
mmm can't download it
realpevan 9 maanden geleden Reply2
john1947 1 jaar geleden Reply2
seemoanime1977 2 jaar geleden Reply2
tomoe 2 jaar geleden Reply2
peterkamau12 2 jaar geleden Reply2
ririli 2 jaar geleden Reply2
3d programs, like Blender, Zbrush, Maya, etc. For example.
testandovdd 2 jaar geleden Reply2
I would like to know in what program or application these models are developed, someone who can tell me please
eduardo99972 2 jaar geleden Reply2
thanks alot
egeonr 2 jaar geleden Reply2
sshoaib 2 jaar geleden Reply2
Hi, can I use your model for my final project to write my bachelor thesis?
xinggi 3 jaar geleden Reply2
@nixor Your model has been used for sure by an commercial app. „Magic Poser - Art Pose Tool“ von Wombat Studio, Inc.
brumms 3 jaar geleden Reply2
o my goood is cooool
lawmz99 3 jaar geleden Reply2
bonsoir ça marche pour C4D?
maximeprod 3 jaar geleden Reply2
very nice
salamandla 4 jaar geleden Reply2
hello, i have a question, can i download this model and then use on my game? obviously i'm gonna modify it a little bit. I would sell the game so it don't will be free. sorry for my english
alex96 4 jaar geleden Reply2
look buddy nobody uses downloaded mesh for selling purposes such as games, movies, etc... you can only use it as base mesh or for practice purposes.
sanketvaria 4 jaar geleden Reply2
I could used this model in my software Meshmolder, as base mesh to modeling. It's free sculpting software.
kybio 4 jaar geleden Reply2
alextheartist 5 jaar geleden Reply2
hey bro nice work would you mind if I used it for some powerpoints? Im gonna displace a map on him and ill upload prolly later tonight.
dr_robotnik 5 jaar geleden Reply2
Hey, i wanted to ask a question: Am i allowed to use this model as a prototype for my project( it is not a free project,but more like commercial) ? i am going to use the model to build humans and other creatures.
kareem22010 6 jaar geleden Reply2
nixor 6 jaar geleden Reply2
Hi there, Excellent work, thanks for sharing. Keep it up!
johnny_brizu1961 6 jaar geleden Reply2