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Professionele scène met Coca-Cola-fles 3d model

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  • GeometriePolygon Mesh
  • polygonen0
  • hoekpunten0
  • texturesNo
  • materialenNo
  • opgetuigdNo
  • AnimatedNo
  • Geschikt voor 3D-afdrukYes
  • Game Ready (laag poly)No
  • UV-gemappedNo
  • Onverpakte UV'sUnknown

Formaten en bestanden

3DS, OBJ, Collada, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, FBX, Lightwave, Alias/WaveFront Material, STL, SolidWorks, SolidWorks
(.3ds, .obj, .dae, .max, .c4d, .blend, .fbx, .lws, .mtl, .stl, .sldprt, .sldasm)


Professional 3D scene with Coca-Cola bottle.

What's included:
- 3D model in FBX, MAX and OBJ formats 
(For 3D Max, Blender, Rhinoceros, Modo, Maya, etc.)
- Cinema 4D R16 Scene File with lights and materials
- Textures, HDRI, Renders, PDF readme
- BONUS: layered TIFF file with Post Production (300 dpi, 2560x1707pix)

Jul 25, 2015 Datum toegevoegd
Nov 20, 2019 laatste update


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hey i had this problem where it looked purple ! to fix this. go to file --> external data --> find missing files. then find the grass file he gave u with the download and select the 3 files. done !
blendingnoob 9 maanden geleden Reply2
I don't have external data under file. Can you point me to the right place? I am using Autodesk 3d Max 2018. BTW - there are no grass files included with the download.
bbaclel 9 maanden geleden Reply2
gabriielred 12 maanden geleden Reply2
Thank you
salman966 1 jaar geleden Reply2
Es estupendo
julitotilos 1 jaar geleden Reply2
jorgealbertoespinal27 2 jaar geleden Reply2
talicni67 2 jaar geleden Reply2
sheebot 2 jaar geleden Reply2
lhz2352924469 2 jaar geleden Reply2
saveyellow 2 jaar geleden Reply2
The model is hi-poly. It consists of several unconnected parts which were deliberately made non-editable. The model is a waste of time - absolutely useless - even though its free.
kritzien 2 jaar geleden Reply2
camila83 2 jaar geleden Reply2
theproanimator 2 jaar geleden Reply2
damthanh 2 jaar geleden Reply2
jawariparfum 2 jaar geleden Reply2
no c4d?
bernfilms 3 jaar geleden Reply2
how to download?
pandawa6 3 jaar geleden Reply2
only .3ds no fbx,no c4d,no obj , nothing other
marvelshaan 4 jaar geleden Reply2
Guys, if you're having trouble using a model, learn how to fix up an untextured model, and learn how to make materials similar to the ones used in the original, it's not that hard, you don't have to be so lazy.
deplexity 4 jaar geleden Reply2
hi, how do I map the texture?
doththo 2 jaar geleden Reply2
not work this is like a click bate
zohardogo2005 4 jaar geleden Reply2
Only 3ds format which is also corrupted and cannot be added in c4d. Please ban this type of users.
saranshvfx 4 jaar geleden Reply2
Only .3ds is included which looks messep up after importing it to blender. Lies!
donk3yboiii 5 jaar geleden Reply2
I imported it but couldnt texture it
d1a1v1e1 4 jaar geleden Reply2