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Sci-Fi Downtown City 3d model

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  • GeometriePolygon Mesh
  • polygonen0
  • hoekpunten0
  • texturesNo
  • materialenNo
  • opgetuigdNo
  • AnimatedNo
  • Geschikt voor 3D-afdrukNo
  • Game Ready (laag poly)No
  • UV-gemappedNo
  • Onverpakte UV'sUnknown

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by Herminio [email protected] city model
Mar 07, 2013 Datum toegevoegd
Nov 20, 2019 laatste update


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Hey, could I use this for my game, I make the game to practice but if the game is good I will publish it to for free or a few Euros
yannic_2005 2 jaar geleden Reply2
Hi, could I use this for my video game?
nataliogamer24 3 jaar geleden Reply2
Yes with proper credits
herminio 3 jaar geleden Reply2
I am doing a card game and doing art work for it by creating scenes in unity and then doing image manipulation to create alien worlds. I wanted to make sure if it was ok if I used some of your models in this application.
fastattacksub 3 jaar geleden Reply2
very nice gOod luck
acpali 3 jaar geleden Reply2
Hi, we are two students from germany and we devoloped an AR - app during our educational internship. We found your model here and would like to use it for one picture , that will appear in our yearbook. Do you allow us to use your model for that picture?
redmanf20 3 jaar geleden Reply2
can i used it for my new coming movie? credit is sure?
djwaga 4 jaar geleden Reply2
send me a link i wanna see :D
dylan112233 3 jaar geleden Reply2
herminio 4 jaar geleden Reply2
I'm making scenes for a video game and would love to use this in the background. may i if i put credits?
wildpaladin 4 jaar geleden Reply2
can i use it for movie(i will show you the result)?
greg123 4 jaar geleden Reply2
sure do not forget credits
herminio 4 jaar geleden Reply2
Я могу его использовать для клипа?
komilast400 4 jaar geleden Reply2
можно только напиши кто дизайнер)
thunderlight 4 jaar geleden Reply2
can I use for practice?
dikidewanto 4 jaar geleden Reply2
can I use this for my game?
pixl_ 4 jaar geleden Reply2
if is a free game the answer is yes with proper credits
herminio 4 jaar geleden Reply2
can I use this for my movie please. I am using blender to make the movie
mj_tiger 4 jaar geleden Reply2
yes you can use it for the movie just I will like to see final product.
herminio 4 jaar geleden Reply2
Download not working :(
warecrash 8 jaar geleden Reply2
i just download it and it is working fine!
herminio 8 jaar geleden Reply2