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Our team creates 3D cities, scenic landscapes, and other various exotic terrain maps. We also upload models from numerous video games for your ideas or creations! We do take requests, so please do reply to us if you have any ideas or questions. Feel free to use our models for animations, video games, levels, and anything else! Come and check out more of our models at
Name: Blue Core Productions
Member since: Aug 05, 2016
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We mainly use SketchUp to create our models and use the software to convert them into other 3D model formats such as .fbx, .obj, .dae, and .3ds
Alienware 18: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4930MX CPU @ 3.00GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M x2 (SLI) 32,0 GB RAM
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Castelia City 3d model
GRATIS Castelia City
.1 .2 .8 .12
Nimbasa City 3d model
GRATIS Nimbasa City
.1 .2 .8 .12 .15
Tropical Islands 3d model
GRATIS Tropical Islands
.1 .2 .8 .12 .15
Camellia City 3d model
GRATIS Camellia City
.1 .2 .8 .12 .15
Twin Islands 3d model
GRATIS Twin Islands
.1 .2 .8 .12
Amaryllis City 3d model
GRATIS Amaryllis City
.3ds .obj .dae .fbx .mtl .skp
Vivianna Corporate Park 3d model
GRATIS Vivianna Corporate Park
.3ds .obj .dae .fbx .mtl .skp