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Cinema 4D


Sniper rifle - combat rifle, the design of which provides increased shooting accuracy [1].
When shooting at night, night sights are used or optical sights are illuminated. Sniper rifles are non-automatic (with a longitudinally sliding bolt), magazine (French 7.5 mm FR-F1, Austrian 7.62 mm SSG-69, American 7.62 mm M24) and self-loading (Soviet SVD and VSS " Vintorez ", German 7.62 mm G3A2F). As a rule, high-precision sniper rifles should not be self-loading (semi-automatic): fluctuations from reloading during a shot reduces the accuracy of shooting. Very rarely, developers manage to make a self-loading rifle with accuracy that meets the requirements. Nevertheless, there are successful self-charging, for example HK PSG1 from Heckler & Koch with a semi-free roller shutter. By 2011, sniper rifles are required for accuracy - dispersion of no more than 1 angular minute (MOA).
For firing from a sniper rifle special cartridges are usually used. The main and practically the only parameter characterizing the quality of a sniper rifle is the accuracy of shooting from the machine.
Sniper rifle - a very delicate weapon that requires strict adherence to routine procedures for cleaning, lubrication and maintenance. Even a seemingly insignificant or inconspicuous defect with the naked eye can greatly reduce the accuracy of shooting. The possibility of automatic fire from it is usually not even considered by the designers, although there is a variant of the SVD capable of firing bursts (IED-A / IED-AU). Also, bursts can shoot VSS "Vintorez" (but only short). However, it should be noted that this mode of firing is applied, as a rule, only in emergency situations.
Apr 20, 2019 Data dodania
Dec 01, 2019 Ostatnia aktualizacja


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