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IRON MAN 3D-modell

IRON MAN royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
IRON MAN royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
IRON MAN royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 3
IRON MAN royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
IRON MAN royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
IRON MAN royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 3
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  • GeometriPolygon Mesh
  • polygoner0
  • hörn0
  • strukturerNo
  • materialNo
  • riggadeNo
  • AnimeradNo
  • 3D Printable ReadyNo
  • Spelklar (låg poly)No
  • UV MappadNo
  • Unwrapped UVsUnknown

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OBJ, 3ds Max
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IRONMAN fully Rigged 
Original Model Not Game character

Aug 01, 2013 datum tillagt
Nov 20, 2019 senaste uppdateringen


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nurgazysherim 2 veckor sedan Reply2
zrf545 1 månad sedan Reply2
maruty621 2 månader sedan Reply2
lo máximo!!!
rosmer 4 månader sedan Reply2
What are those blue ball of spheres around iron man? I have only like 2 weeks of blender experience, still very noob.
rbbtx0 4 månader sedan Reply2
rigging helper
ipinzdrive 1 vecka sedan Reply2
ashikawa 4 månader sedan Reply2
govindvarsanishukhapar 5 månader sedan Reply2
yunluosuqiu 5 månader sedan Reply2
k703880 5 månader sedan Reply2
narizon 6 månader sedan Reply2
How do I animate it in blender
nister28 7 månader sedan Reply2
fweixi52 7 månader sedan Reply2
kim_ng 7 månader sedan Reply2
jason611019 8 månader sedan Reply2
valverdejesus 8 månader sedan Reply2
samuelmed 8 månader sedan Reply2
yrhuang 9 månader sedan Reply2
very cool~
821011 9 månader sedan Reply2
dennysxavier 10 månader sedan Reply2
yulong0339 11 månader sedan Reply2
him123 11 månader sedan Reply2
u r my sunshine
lr951008 12 månader sedan Reply2
jordancheng 12 månader sedan Reply2
my hero
sy18376478 1 år sedan Reply2
omar_korraa 1 år sedan Reply2
dreamwish 1 år sedan Reply2
kelvinsinman 1 år sedan Reply2
My Hero
542_3d 1 år sedan Reply2
great model.. thanks!
chbarrer 1 år sedan Reply2
I love you 3000
joelwindows7 1 år sedan Reply2
rainbow1908 1 år sedan Reply2
kin2012 1 år sedan Reply2
a2009001 1 år sedan Reply2
skycity 1 år sedan Reply2
it ababilable in blender..
santex1985 2 år sedan Reply2
can you make it available in blender too?
george648296 2 år sedan Reply2
yeah i know but all the textures and rigging is screwed up
george648296 2 år sedan Reply2
open blender, then import .obj file under the file menu
ingadingana 2 år sedan Reply2
johnperaltagarcia 2 år sedan Reply2
hi what softwher you use say plis :D
santex1985 2 år sedan Reply2
wow so good.
soyseak 2 år sedan Reply2
Thanks bro
vipuln932 2 år sedan Reply2
mediaoctet 2 år sedan Reply2
thank you
sikawa 2 år sedan Reply2
Hi everyone, I have been trying for about 7 hours
smallice 2 år sedan Reply2
it does not stop crashing, I can not use it and see that it's cool, I have rayzen 7 1700x 16GB 3000Mhz and 3Ds max 2017.
muxiku 2 år sedan Reply2
how do I make the file not .rar and make it .blend?
agentnate 3 år sedan Reply2
Just opne ur .rar file and extract files
kanguro 2 år sedan Reply2
hey im having trouble with downloading this like I try to append it in blender but I cant seem to see the file
agentnate 3 år sedan Reply2
Hi everyone, I have been trying for about 7 hours to attached an armature to this Iron Man models mesh. I am going crazy. Can anyone please help. I have watched so many tutorials. I have used parent to weights, started over then to empty groups....painted the mess and assigned the head bone. I have tried and tried, restarting from scratch. The closest I have come is parenting the heat painted to the head bone. All it did was rotate the whole body on the head bone axes.
keith_loiselle 3 år sedan Reply2
can i use this character for my game if not tell me your payment method
kamranmahmood 3 år sedan Reply2
why u have to take permission from creator for something you own. do they can make legal case against you
vipindew 3 år sedan Reply2
Can there be an FBX available?
zakattack321 3 år sedan Reply2
this model is just amazing! i hope you find happiness in life for providing this for free
pyrogami 3 år sedan Reply2
how do i get the rig to work in maya?
pyrogami 3 år sedan Reply2
hello can i use in my commercial project please ?
ali86 3 år sedan Reply2
kuboomgamer_br 3 år sedan Reply2
good,very like.
nausicaa21 3 år sedan Reply2
Amazing, congrats!
pepegrillo 3 år sedan Reply2
How do you remove those little balls that appear behind iron man? Sorry guys i'm a bit of a noob so any help is appreciated!!
coolman14066 3 år sedan Reply2
hoangviet3d1991 3 år sedan Reply2
I tried to generate the texture map, so I have to make an image to bake it on blender. But since it has so many elements as part of the model, it crashes every time.
edocampos 3 år sedan Reply2
kkkkiiii 3 år sedan Reply2
Hi, first of all: Great job! I would like to ask you if I am allowed to use this model for a project. Me and a friend are students from Germany and in our final project we are developing an AR-App. We would like to make a picture with us and your Iron Man for our yearbook and of course we would never do this without your permission.
derwahremistert 3 år sedan Reply2
sunsi2008 3 år sedan Reply2
nice one
worlanso 3 år sedan Reply2
ahmad_saefuloh_5222222222 3 år sedan Reply2
karthiktwister5 3 år sedan Reply2
Anyone knows how to animate this thing.. i only know how to rig with skin on 3Ds max.. but it already have that modifier but i can't move it.
chickenbx 3 år sedan Reply2
thank you
supriyadi_gunawan 3 år sedan Reply2
wow.... its very awesome XD
vinyl_16 3 år sedan Reply2
wow.... its very awesome XD
vinyl_16 3 år sedan Reply2
Is this IK or FK because I cant fucking use this piece of shit but the model is good but the rig wont fucking work piece of shit ass bitch
llcooltight 3 år sedan Reply2
If you ask in the persona of a creative pleasant person you might get a reply. Asking in the style of nasty, moronic,, monosyllabic philistine usually results in intense disappointment. The choice is yours
nrgpix 3 år sedan Reply2
how do i use this in 3d builder
vbnmfssvbmnhdvhbxvh 3 år sedan Reply2
muhammed123 3 år sedan Reply2
how do I download obj?
carame 3 år sedan Reply2
blockbusterkit6 3 år sedan Reply2
이 모델 쓰레기
percyfeng 4 år sedan Reply2
이 모델 쓰레기
percyfeng 4 år sedan Reply2
xmon775 4 år sedan Reply2
Olá, eu consigo manipular esse modelo no AE? alguem pode me ajudar?
adelson 4 år sedan Reply2
awesome 3d model
suman12 4 år sedan Reply2
jackson7143 4 år sedan Reply2
pff why no textures ?
enesipek2000 4 år sedan Reply2
bimailjobi 4 år sedan Reply2
w604714023 4 år sedan Reply2
i can change the file type to blender
harry111111 4 år sedan Reply2
Great !!
username 4 år sedan Reply2
how can i rotate the entire model in 3d max? when i try it the model is mess up.
nspro 5 år sedan Reply2
I got a example how i moved that model without splines in C4D.
6 år sedan Reply2
This is to beautiful ! I'm working on a Video-game based on the Marvel & DC universe characters ! And these artwork are sooo perfect for it! Of course I will mention you in the upload! So Beautiful ! Please continue making more!
ashligrafix 6 år sedan Reply2
can be animated in Motion builder?
karlito 6 år sedan Reply2
raunisc 6 år sedan Reply2
Hey why no textures
rohanramabhadran 6 år sedan Reply2
Can i move the parts in cinema4d?
111konrad111 6 år sedan Reply2
If it has been rigged properly then yes you can
rohanramabhadran 6 år sedan Reply2
Well After a ton of resurch I found out that this modes is not rigged with a CAT rigg but a BIPED so if anyone who does not know how to animate this model and wants to do so, look into BIPED animation on youtube :D
iggorr25 6 år sedan Reply2
This looks like a very cool model :D Thank you for this :D I am new into this 3D modeling world and I would like to know a few thing about this model so hopefully someone will answer me.... :D I tried importing this model into AEs element plug-in, but I can not animate it there so I will look into CAT on youtube like one of the comments here sad so. What I want to know is can I use this model or models like these to apply them to NULLs that are tracking points on a person in a video so I can make it like the person is wearing this armor...? :D
iggorr25 6 år sedan Reply2
amin79 6 år sedan Reply2
thank great model
ayushgrg 7 år sedan Reply2
how do i download it?
chiefahanu 7 år sedan Reply2
with the download button
straatbaas 6 år sedan Reply2
Nice, very cool
braunjakob200 7 år sedan Reply2
Very nice model thanks ;)
jetstorm_477 7 år sedan Reply2
very cool bro !!!!!!!!!
anhmax 7 år sedan Reply2
super cool.......superb
shaiksha35 7 år sedan Reply2
you have my thanks.. I used this model in
cupstudio 7 år sedan Reply2
I used that Model for a little Video.
7 år sedan Reply2
love it!
straatbaas 6 år sedan Reply2
When I load this object into Lightwave modeler, it has no textures. How do I fix that?
lightwaver 7 år sedan Reply2
i hate it when you find an awesome model as a blender user and you are unable to use the existing rig...
noobatwork 7 år sedan Reply2
best way is to learn how to rig a model its very easy when you start to learn
nathangmail 6 år sedan Reply2
did you ever figure out how to use it in blender ?
darthmarth18 7 år sedan Reply2
But how to animate it?
sanjaykumar69 8 år sedan Reply2
Just look for videos on YouTube on \"CAT rig animation\" (Character Animation Toolkit) for 3DS Max. Good Luck
kenny100x35 7 år sedan Reply2
samerharw 8 år sedan Reply2
Having worked on one of the Ironman movies I can tell you with absolute certainty that this isn\'t the movie model of Ironman. This is probably either the game cinematic or previs version of the suit. Still looks cool though
tnarey 8 år sedan Reply2
Can you allow it to be lowered into a blender?
klive278 2 månader sedan Reply2
Omg, My . Narey Im a huge fan of your 3d work on the Flash! By far, my favorite tv show!
jordantheanimator 6 år sedan Reply2
sanjaykumar69 8 år sedan Reply2
what is the thing around him?
jackiekhaw 8 år sedan Reply2
How did you get the model from the movie?
defectiveepicman 8 år sedan Reply2
This is AMAZING!!! Thanks! :D
checkbrosfilms 8 år sedan Reply2
The download link seems broken :/
r5cst3h9n 8 år sedan Reply2
it\'s uploaded on server click download and wait for seconds until download start
deadcode3 8 år sedan Reply2