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  • GeometriPolygon Mesh
  • polygoner0
  • hörn0
  • strukturerNo
  • materialNo
  • riggadeNo
  • AnimeradNo
  • 3D Printable ReadyNo
  • Spelklar (låg poly)No
  • UV MappadNo
  • Unwrapped UVsUnknown

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3DS, SolidWorks
(.3ds, .sldprt)


The free 3d model of a medium size common tree.
Jan 22, 2011 datum tillagt
Nov 20, 2019 senaste uppdateringen


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kikeotero 5 månader sedan Reply2
Thanks Storque12! but the .sidprt file isn't there. Do you have it?
krickart 6 månader sedan Reply2
good work
st950495 7 månader sedan Reply2
Where is the .sldprt? The zip is only with the .3ds file!
perolalars 10 månader sedan Reply2
chenblut 11 månader sedan Reply2
Great tree! thanks!! in case someone dosent know, u need to aply a "Transparent BSDF" node on blender - Cycles Render, to remove the background
fabioc95 12 månader sedan Reply2
henriquepertano2012 2 år sedan Reply2
Hi, nothing happens when I try to download! Please help
axeldernevik 3 år sedan Reply2
thank you
supriyadi_gunawan 3 år sedan Reply2
what an amzing tree. in the future when my balls are wrinkly and hang below my knees, i shall tell my grandchildren of this tree. thank you and can i use for game as i am a small youtuiber namaste
yerda 3 år sedan Reply2
I can make use of its design with educational purposes I am creating an application with educational and non-commercial purposes
jorgeluis 6 år sedan Reply2
Very nice all around generic tree, fits well in almost any situation. Has nice detail, decent texture, and quite realistic from medium to far distances. Good job! Would love to see you make more.
sandralavixen 7 år sedan Reply2
Thanks :-)
ojetecalor 7 år sedan Reply2
mugshot 8 år sedan Reply2
8 år sedan Reply2
very good
8 år sedan Reply2
8 år sedan Reply2
It's so funny how this is the most downloaded model.
kacie 8 år sedan Reply2
You've hit the ball out the park! Inrcdeilbe!
9 år sedan Reply2
thanks thanks thanks....
9 år sedan Reply2
9 år sedan Reply2
benji surprised
9 år sedan Reply2
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