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iphone 6 3D model

iphone 6 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
iphone 6 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
iphone 6 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
iphone 6 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
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  • GeometriPolygon Mesh
  • Çokgenler0
  • Tepe Noktaları0
  • DokularNo
  • MalzemelerNo
  • hileliNo
  • canlandırılmışNo
  • 3D Yazdırılabilir HazırNo
  • Oyuna Hazır (düşük poli)No
  • UV HaritalıNo
  • Sarılmamış UV'lerUnknown

Biçimler ve Dosyalar

3DS, OBJ, Blender
(.3ds, .obj, .blend)



iPhone 6 made in cycles engine of Blender. Looks Good after Rendering. Available in many formats.Message me if you want in some other format. Hope You Like It !!!
Sep 13, 2014 Ekleme Tarihi
Nov 20, 2019 son Güncelleme


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hi can i using this for my game ????
kubechoi200 5 ay önce REPLY2
ehsan2080 1 yıl önce REPLY2
Thank you so much!
getxoblues 2 yıl önce REPLY2
Pretty simple. Also is fairly easy to edit the textures and apply it to the .blend version. Works nice for what Im trying to do.
shadowskull1247 3 yıl önce REPLY2
amupdxns 3 yıl önce REPLY2
Can you make a golden version? Thanks.
billchenxi 3 yıl önce REPLY2
you have made this model CG GEEK youtube channel video
indians 3 yıl önce REPLY2
This is just a curved cube with a texture on it? Heres the link for the better one which was modelled with 600k polys http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/iphone-6-7226.html
quantamgraphicx 4 yıl önce REPLY2
Could you please upload a .max version? I tried to use 3ds but it showed me just a box :( thanks!
nikoportantiero 5 yıl önce REPLY2
free object include textures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BgKo62ZGjM&list=UUZj51uIe_5WtUu-RtuDEf1Q
isidroortiz 5 yıl önce REPLY2
Can this be used for free games?
stilldestroyer 6 yıl önce REPLY2
Using iPhone Model for Games are a bit awkward but you can't use it because its made in Blender's Cycles Engine.
dorerior 6 yıl önce REPLY2
nise 3d models (-_-) more upload models
tharidu 6 yıl önce REPLY2
Thanks. You will find many models in my profile. Don't forget to check them too. I will upload many other models. :) :) :)
dorerior 6 yıl önce REPLY2
We need the textures,please
artpont 6 yıl önce REPLY2
mtl not working here too, like this guy that said this is an useless model
artpont 6 yıl önce REPLY2
This is pretty useless.
jerkstick 6 yıl önce REPLY2
Why do you think its useless. This is the first model of iPhone 6 in TF3DM.com People like these gadgets and they are a bit hard to make. I don't think its useless.
dorerior 6 yıl önce REPLY2
I can´t download your project. I dont know how do it. Can u help me, please. What I should do for download any project??? Thanks u all... J
ctelesur 6 yıl önce REPLY2
*Click on Download (the blue button). *Wait for a few seconds. *Download should start automaticaly. *Once downloaded, open the .rar file and open the file with format you want. *Enjoy.
dorerior 6 yıl önce REPLY2