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World war 2 Fanatic lol.....basically i love History
Name: Lee Snow
Member since: Aug 20, 2017
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just learning Maya and Substance Painter.....self teaching since about 9 month...
I7 7700......970 4 GB graphics card......16 GB Ram.....256 SSD.....1TB HD......27 inch Benq monitor.....Corsair keyboard and mouse......and a flask of coffee next to me
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rock_base_lp 3d model
무료 rock_base_lp
.1 .8 .12
Old Bridge LP 3d model
무료 Old Bridge LP
.1 .8 .12
tree 3d model
무료 tree
.1 .8 .12
abandoned cottage 3d model
무료 abandoned cottage
.1 .8 .12
Low Poly Pallet 3d model
무료 Low Poly Pallet
.1 .12
ruins 3d model
무료 ruins
.1 .8 .12
rock_v2_lp 3d model
무료 rock_v2_lp
.1 .8 .12
Weapon/Tool Case 3d model
무료 Weapon/Tool Case
Low Poly logs 3d model
무료 Low Poly logs
.1 .8 .12
Stone_tower 3d model
무료 Stone_tower
.1 .12
Shock Absorber 3d model
무료 Shock Absorber
Farm type wall and gate 3d model
무료 Farm type wall and gate
.1 .8 .12
Skirting Boards 3d model
무료 Skirting Boards
.1 .12
spooky old well 3d model
무료 spooky old well
.1 .8 .12
Heras_Fence 3d model
무료 Heras_Fence
.1 .8 .12
Stick Grenade HP 3d model
무료 Stick Grenade HP
Low Poly Fireplace 3d model
무료 Low Poly Fireplace
.fbx .obj
Oil Lamp Low Poly 3d model
무료 Oil Lamp Low Poly
.obj .fbx
Modern Table+skirts 3d model
무료 Modern Table+skirts
.1 .12
Bio Hazard Drum 3d model
무료 Bio Hazard Drum
low poly breeze_blocks 3d model
무료 low poly breeze_blocks
.1 .12