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World war 2 Fanatic lol.....basically i love History
Name: Lee Snow
Member since: Aug 20, 2017
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just learning Maya and Substance Painter.....self teaching since about 9 month...
I7 7700......970 4 GB graphics card......16 GB Ram.....256 SSD.....1TB HD......27 inch Benq monitor.....Corsair keyboard and mouse......and a flask of coffee next to me
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rock_base_lp 3d model
FREE rock_base_lp
Old Bridge LP 3d model
FREE Old Bridge LP
tree 3d model
FREE tree
abandoned cottage 3d model
Low Poly Pallet 3d model
ruins 3d model
FREE ruins
Weapon/Tool Case 3d model
rock_v2_lp 3d model
FREE rock_v2_lp
Low Poly logs 3d model
FREE Low Poly logs
Stone_tower 3d model
FREE Stone_tower
Shock Absorber 3d model
Farm type wall and gate 3d model
Skirting Boards 3d model
spooky old well 3d model
Stick Grenade HP 3d model
Heras_Fence 3d model
FREE Heras_Fence
Low Poly Fireplace 3d model
FREE Low Poly Fireplace
.fbx .obj
Oil Lamp Low Poly 3d model
FREE Oil Lamp Low Poly
.obj .fbx
Modern Table+skirts 3d model
Bio Hazard Drum 3d model
FREE Bio Hazard Drum
low poly breeze_blocks 3d model