Need a house 3d model for one of your projects? We have that. Need an entire City? Free3D has a dozen of those! A large number of the recent models have a lower polygon count and can be used in games straight away. Subcategories: House, Building, Medieval, Fantasy, City, Room, Old, Tower, Bridge, Town
Well 3d model
House 3d model
.obj .mb
house cabin 3d model
.blend .obj .obj
City in a Bowl 3d model
Interior Room Scene 3d model
Low Poly Well 3d model
One of the most time consuming 3d modeling jobs is making cars. So why struggle for hours to build a car when you can download in seconds a ready to use 3d car made by specs. For game development Free3D also hosts several low poly models made specifically for real time usage. Subcategories: Car, Truck, Tank, Military, Bike, Boat, Transport, Ship, Police, Bus, Ferrari, Bmw, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Sports Car
Planeador - avatar 3d model
Mexican Bus 3d model
.blend .fbx
Fire Truck 3d model
.bledn .abc
blue low poly car 3d model
LOW POLY CAR 3d model
.fbx .blend
Pack of 5 Busses 3d model
.blend .fbx
Welcome to our most popular and vibrant category. Really popular are the human base meshes. They save precious time and lay the base for your work. Usually when building characters things might go out of proportions so it’s valuable to start with a base mesh and then add specific characteristics. Subcategories: Woman, Female, Male, Rigged Characters, Human, Bikini, Soldier, Pirates
Old Man 3d model
Baba 3d model
.blend .obj
Steampunk Robot NIGEL 3d model
.mb .dwg
Doraemon 3d model
Scratika 3d model
.c4d .fbx .obj
ghost demon 3d model
Some models have a lower polygon count and can be dropped in any game scene without hesitation or could be used as background props for your massive city scene. The impressive collection of fighter jets includes models which have a higher polygon count, so are appropriate for closeups. Subcategories: Helicopter, Airplane, Spaceship, Military Aircraft, Jet, Fighter, Drone, Chopper, Bomber
simple rocket 3d model
.blend .obj
Airplane SuperCub 3d model
.mb .obj
Daileon Jaspion 3d model
ufo 3d model
HAND GLIDER 3d model
Das Liddle Stik 3d model
Helmet Vent Hose 3d model
.obj .lxo .ma .max .fbx .c4d .blend .3ds
Airplane cartoon - 05 3d model
.unknown .ma .obj .fbx .max .3ds .stl .blend
Star Kite 3d model
.obj .fbx .dae .3ds .blend
Furniture models spans across different styles from antique decorations to modern furnishing. We also have a collection of models that have a more rugged look with dirty textures and even blood splatters in some cases - useful for example for zombie games. Subcategories: Table, Chair, Desk, Bed, Sofa, Armchair, Drawer, Modern Furniture, Door, Lamp, Office, Interior Furniture
Chair 13990613 3d model
.jpg .obj .fbx .max
Beach Chairs low polly 3d model
Armchair Haifa 3d model
.obj .max
American Vintage Desk 3d model
.obj .blend
Interior Design 3d model
office chair 3d model
Isometric Room 3d model
tv stand 3d model
.max .fbx .obj
rocking chair 3d model
.max .fbx
Electronics are the models most likely to get dated, however we still keep models of older phones, laptops or even tower computers, you never know when they become classics! Musical equipment is a big part of the electronics category. Subcategories: Arcade, Tv, Phone, Apple, Camera, Iphone, Robot, Pc, Mobile, Sony, Lcd, Samsung
cooling fan 3d model
.obj .c4d
Speaker big 3d model
USB Flash 3d model
Emergency Stop Button 3d model
.fbx .obj .c4d
Video Slot Machine Plum 3d model
.usd .unitypackage .upk .c4d .max .ma .obj
Fuse PN-2 3d model
.usd .gltf .obj .ma .max .upk .unitypackage .c4d .fbx
RTX 2080 TI 3d model
Old Television - TV Retro 3d model
.blend .obj
T-scale 3d model
.c4d .obj
Animals animate any scene. Either if you have a countryside scene, a city centre apartment for visualisation or you need a trusted companion for your main character in the video game you’re making. Subcategories: Birds, Dog, Goat, Dinosaur, Dragon, Bear, Insect, Wolf, Fish, Whale, Cat, Sheep
A horse with a big tush 3d model
Fish Cartoon - Dio 3d model
.blend .obj .stl
Bush devil 3d model
Creepy Squid Creature 3d model
Spider 3d model
bird skull 3d model
.blend .fbx .obj
Polar bear, 2020 3d model
.obj .stl
Legal Folder 02 Open 3d model
.usd .unitypackage .upk .c4d .max .ma
Mouse Trap Aged 3d model
.obj .ma .max .upk .unitypackage .c4d .fbx .blend .dae .3ds
Models in this category are very popular, some of them got over 100 thousand downloads. Extremely useful for exterior scenes are our ready to use tree models that can be dropped in any scene easily. Subcategories: Tree, Flowers, Plant, Trees, Vegetation, Palm, Pine, Grass, Indoor Plants
Grassy Mountain Terrain 3d model
.blend .fbx
Plant 3d model
Low Poly Nature Scene 3d model
.blend .fbx .stl .obj
trunk wood 3d model
.obj .dae
Blooming Red Hibiscus Flower 3d model
.obj .lxo .ma .max .fbx .c4d .blend .3ds
Blooming Hibiscus Flower Orange 3d model
.obj .lxo .ma .max .fbx .c4d .blend .3ds
Hibiscus Flower Pink 3d model
.obj .lxo .ma .max .fbx .c4d .blend .3ds
low poly tree 3d model
.max .fbx .c4d .dae .ma .lxo .obj .mtl .zbp .ztl
Rooftop Access Platform 3d model
.obj .lxo .ma .max .fbx .c4d .blend .3ds
Looking to build a game? For a shooter, being it 3rd person or first person you will certainly need some good weapons. For usage in game engines you might want to filter the results and ideally use FBX models. Even obj models might do the trick. If you need any file conversion you can always ask the community! Subcategories: Gun, Rifle, Sniper, Sword, Pistol, Military Weapons, Knife, Arrow, Bomb, Robot
Mercenary Knife 3d model
.fbx .blend
Khopesh 3d model
.fbx .blend
Futuristic Cannon 3d model
MK13 FlashBang Grenade 3d model
.blend .fbx .dae .obj
Gun 3d model
.obj .dae
M1 garand 3d model
Tomahawk 3d model
.max .blend .fbx .obj .upk .unitypackage .c4d .usdz .gltf .ma
Sci - Fi Sentry Gun 3d model
Axe 3d model
Sports category contains anything from equipment for various sports, sport cars, to full fledged scene like an entire stadium. We are proud of the complete gym equipment with weights, benches, dumbbells any many more. Subcategories: Car, Football, Ball, Gym, Soccer, Trophy, Basketball, Bike
Baseball bat 3d model
Nike Air Jordan 3d model
Road bike 3d model
Car seat 3d model
9 knots 3d model
Pelota De Baloncesto 3d model
.dwg .stl
missile lure 3d model
Cartoon Vehicles Low Poly Cars 3d model
.fbx .blend .unity
champions league trophy 3d model
.dae .blend .obj .fbx
No interior scene is complete without bould of fruits, glasses or some bottles in a vintage liquor cabinet. Food is here to give life to your scene even when there is no living being there. And it’s not only food here, there is also a gumball machine to play with in your scenes. Subcategories: Pizza, Fruits, Drink, Bottle, Can, Coca Cola, Glass, Beer, Coffee, Soda
ACTIVIA Packaging, a cup of yogurt 3d model
.max .fbx .obj
wine bottle 3d model
Apples 3d model
.fbx .obj
Apple  Fruit 3d model
.obj .dae
Candy Crush Candies 3d model
Grill Basket 3d model
.obj .ma .max .upk .unitypackage .c4d .fbx .blend
Dessert Khanom Chan 3d model
.max .obj .ma .upk .unitypackage .c4d .fbx .usdz .gltf
Baking Soda 3d model
.usd .gltf .obj .ma .max .upk .unitypackage .c4d .fbx
Stroh 60 Austrian Rum Bottle 3d model
.obj .lxo .ma .max .fbx .c4d .blend .3ds
Eye 3d model
Francine pose 40 - Yoga 3d model
.png .obj
Lisa pose 235 3d model
.obj .unknown
Coronavirus 2 COVID-19 3d model
.max .obj .fbx .3ds .upk .unitypackage .c4d .usdz .gltf .ma
Animal Skull 3d model
.max .obj .fbx
Human Iris 3d model
.gltf .obj .ma .max .upk .unitypackage .c4d .fbx .usdz .unknown
Cartoon Bone 3d model
.usd .gltf .obj .ma .max .upk .unitypackage .c4d .fbx .3ds


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Low Poly Base Mesh-Female/Male 3d model
.obj .lwo
Monstera 3d model
.unknown .obj .fbx .max
Plant 3d model
.unknown .obj .fbx .max
grass 3d model
.obj .max .fbx .3ds
Plant set 3d model
.unknown .max .obj .fbx
Front Yard (Terrain 2) 3d model
Grass Clump 3d model
.obj .max .fbx .3ds
City 3d model
.3ds .max
Heart Human Textured 3d model
.unknown .c4d .3ds .fbx .obj .dxf
LowPoly Forest Pack 3d model
.obj .fbx .blend
female body character 3d model
.max .obj .fbx .3ds