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3D Vehicles Models

  • 1246 free vehicles 3d models.
  • available in 3DM, 3DS, BLEND, C4D, DAE, DDS, DGN, DWG, DXF, FBX, LWO, LWS, MA, MAX, MB, MESH, MTL, OBJ, POV, SKP, SLDASM, SLDPRT, STL, TGA, or ZTL format.
  • One of the most time consuming 3d modeling jobs is making cars. So why struggle for hours to build a car when you can download in seconds a ready to use 3d car made by specs. For game development Free3D also hosts several low poly models made specifically for real time usage. We do have a shortage of rigged cars, so if you’re a great artist and you made a rigged car 3d model then we would like to host it here. Even though the vehicles category is mostly made up of cars there are also bikes, ships, busses, trucks and many other models to use for dynamic scenes.
.obj, .blend
4.3k  29
.3ds, .obj, .max, .mb, .lwo, .lws
33.4k  15
.obj, .lwo
218.5k  39
.obj, .max
33.5k  10
.dae, .blend, .fbx
113.7k  62
.3ds, .obj, .max, .c4d, .lwo, .sldprt
10.4k  7
.3ds, .sldprt
14.2k  6
5.4k  2
5.6k  4
.obj, .fbx
28.8k  6
.3ds, .obj, .dae, .max, .fbx, .mtl
16.6k  13
.3ds, .dds
31.9k  6
.3ds, .obj, .dae, .blend, .fbx, .dxf
24.6k  4
7.1k  3
.3ds, .obj, .max
18.0k  13
.3ds, .obj, .max, .c4d, .mb, .lwo, .lws, .sldprt
80.5k  24
.3ds, .max, .fbx, .sldprt
20.6k  8
23.9k  16
.3ds, .obj, .max
15.9k  6
.obj, .max, .fbx, .dds
49.9k  2
.obj, .max
47.9k  7
.obj, .max
.3ds, .obj, .sldprt
6.8k  1
4.7k  1
.3ds, .obj, .dae, .blend, .fbx, .mtl, .dxf, .stl
6.9k  3
.obj, .lwo
21.7k  5
.3ds, .obj, .c4d, .sldprt
145.9k  11
.obj, .max, .mb, .lwo
20.4k  10
.obj, .max, .mb, .lwo
.3ds, .max, .mb, .sldprt
14.2k  6
.3ds, .obj
71.8k  7
.obj, .max
.3ds, .obj, .c4d
11.6k  8
11.1k  1
.3ds, .obj, .sldprt
22.9k  4
.obj, .lwo
38.6k  11
.max, .fbx
13.0k  13
.obj, .max, .mb, .lwo
4.0k  1
.3ds, .tga
20.2k  1
.obj, .c4d
24.3k  4
63.9k  14
.obj, .max, .c4d, .ma, .blend, .fbx
2.4k  6
17.4k  4
.3ds, .obj
60.9k  4
.3ds, .obj, .dae, .blend, .fbx
9.2k  6
.3ds, .obj, .c4d, .tga
15.0k  19
.obj, .max
9.8k  1
.3ds, .obj, .lwo
23.0k  1
.obj, .max
34.7k  5
.3ds, .sldprt
46.2k  1
by asd
.3ds, .obj, .dae, .blend, .fbx, .mtl, .stl
38.1k  5
.3ds, .obj, .fbx, .sldprt
17.3k  1
.3ds, .max, .fbx
24.9k  2
.obj, .lwo, .lws
23.8k  3
.3ds, .sldprt
5.4k  3
.3ds, .obj, .dae, .c4d, .fbx, .sldprt
4.8k  12
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