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Game design student. located in India, bangalore
Name: Shoaib Mohammed
Member since: Jan 01, 2017
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photoshop maya 3Ds Max Z-brush Substance painter Unity
Benq 4k moniter I5 7th gen processor Nvidia GTX-1080 Ti MSI mother board 8 GB ram 256 GB SSD and 750 GB HHD
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Beretta M9 3d model
FREE Beretta M9
.obj .ma .mb .fbx
300 sword 3d model
FREE 300 sword
.obj .ma
ironman helmet 3d model
FREE ironman helmet
.obj .ma .mb
center table 3d model
FREE center table
.obj .ma .mb
Luxury lounge chair 3d model
FREE Luxury lounge chair
.obj .ma .mb
sunglass 3d model
FREE sunglass
.obj .mb
Monster truck tyre 3d model
milk bottles 3d model
FREE milk bottles
.obj .ma .mb
study chair 3d model
FREE study chair
.obj .ma
Knuckle duster  3d model
FREE Knuckle duster
.obj .ma