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Graduating Web Development at the University of Presidente Prudente SP-BR. I program in C #, Javascript, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL and others. Currently study alone game development with Unity 3D, Blender, Cinema 4D, UDK and others. I am founder and columnist for a portal technology and currently has several systems running at companies around the world.
Name: Gunnar Correa
Member since: Jul 24, 2014
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Blender, Cinema 4D, Unity, UDK, Make Human, BVH View, BVHacker, Visual Studio
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Roundwood 3d model
FREE Roundwood
Smart TV 3d model
Residential Buildings 3d model
Wall with grid 3d model
Old Wall 3d model
FREE Old Wall
Container 3d model
FREE Container
Minion 3d model
FREE Minion
Medieval bridge 3d model
Old warehouse 3d model
FREE Old warehouse
Bus Station 3d model
FREE Bus Station
Prison Cells 3d model
FREE Prison Cells
Modern Bridge 3d model
FREE Modern Bridge
Helipad 3d model
FREE Helipad
Rail Train 3d model
FREE Rail Train
Communication Tower 3d model
Computer Linux 3d model
Complete House 3d model
Old wall 3d model
FREE Old wall
The Memorial Cross 3d model
Tank Gasoline 3d model
FREE Tank Gasoline
Water Tower 3d model
FREE Water Tower
Temple 3d model
FREE Temple
Arcade Game, Resident Evil 3d model
Resident Evil survivor Map 3d model
Home Building 3d model
FREE Home Building
Residential building 3d model
Modern bridge 3d model
FREE Modern bridge
Small House 3d model
FREE Small House
Password panel 3d model
Wall Clock 3d model
FREE Wall Clock
Tank 3d model
Simple Toy Car 3d model
Weapon square model 3d model
Girl square model 3d model
Ladders 3d model
FREE Ladders
Wagon has 3d model
FREE Wagon has