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Name: Glenn Campbell
Member since: Dec 02, 2014
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vector / video / sound / vfx / editing, Max, coding, demo, mandel, AE, stuff.
i7 6700HQ, GeForce GTX950M (CUDA), SSD RAID, 32" display and a 30-core 945 server stack for rendering. Oh, and a Wacom tablet, that's useful.
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Trees, Saplings low-poly 3d model
Realistic Planet Earth 3d model
Millennium Falcon 3d model
world globe 3d model
FREE world globe
TIE Fighter 3d model
FREE TIE Fighter
Hi-Poly Imperial Star Destroyer 3d model
Death Star II 3d model
FREE Death Star II
X-Wing 3d model
Table Mountain Cape Town 3d model
esa TARDIS-FIGR Station mk3 3d model
All Terrain Armored Transport 3d model
‘Annie’ Wooden Rocking Chair 3d model
TIE Interceptor 3d model
Data Center 3d model
FREE Data Center
Planet Yavin-IV 3d model
Nebulon B Frigate 3d model
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 3d model
Flowers low-poly 3d model
Executor Class Star Dreadnought 3d model
Grass with Weeds 3d model
Tydirium T-16 Shuttle 3d model
Y-wing starfighter 3d model
Planet Naboo 3d model
FREE Planet Naboo
All Terrain Scout Transport 3d model
Planet Tatooine 3d model
Hummingbird 3d model
FREE Hummingbird
Houses 3d model
FREE Houses
Planet Corsucant 3d model
esa-NASA PERMAST Gateway 3d model
Mission Control 3d model
British Isles LIDAR Topographic 3d model
TIE Bomber 3d model
Egret 3d model
FREE Egret
Sovereign Star Destroyer 3d model
Destination Moon Rocket 3d model
T-16 skyhopper 3d model
Arrowheads 3d model
FREE Arrowheads
Rebel E-Wing Starfighter 3d model
‘Stokvel’ Wooden Armchair 3d model