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self educated 3D animation artist from Africa. i'm familiar with autodesk entertainment suite, adobe creative suite (PS, AI, PP and AE only).
Name: Jude
Member since: Oct 05, 2014
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Maya - Intermediate 3Ds Max - Intermediate Mudbox - Intermediate Motionbuilder - Intermediate
my hp envy got robbed. I'm on a dell optiplex from 2003. so only low res model can be uploaded so far.
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School Building 3d model
FREE School Building
.mb .fbx
Hotel Building 3d model
FREE Hotel Building
.mb .fbx
Fan 3d model
.mb .fbx
Fully Rigged Cartoon female 3d model
metal Bed 3d model
FREE metal Bed
.mb .fbx
Victorian Building 3d model
FREE Victorian Building
.obj .ma .mb .fbx
cook forest 3d model
FREE cook forest
.mb .fbx
Table 3d model
FREE Table
.mb .fbx
Pinky 3d model
FREE Pinky
.mb .fbx
A long African Bench 3d model
FREE A long African Bench
.obj .ma .mb .fbx
Allegheny 3d model
FREE Allegheny
.mb .fbx
computer 3d model
FREE computer
.mb .fbx
African Stool 02 3d model
FREE African Stool 02
.obj .ma .mb .fbx
African Stool 03 3d model
FREE African Stool 03
.obj .ma .mb .fbx
African Stool 3d model
FREE African Stool
.obj .ma .mb .fbx