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I'm just your average guy who wants to help provide good quality examples for anyone who wants to use them.I don't like when people have to spend money, I feel that we should all be able to help each other without asking for anything in return. There are so many artists out there that want to practice with new mediums, or add to existing projects, I want to help those artists out.
Name: Chris
Member since: Aug 31, 2014
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Blender, Final Cut, C++, Gamemaker, Unreal Development Kit, Sony DK, XBL, Nintendo Framework, Machine Code, OMNI, Office, Adobe
Windows 7, Quad Core Laptop, 4GB Ram, i3 Processor
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Wood Dummy 3d model
FREE Wood Dummy
Gameboy 3d model
FREE Gameboy
Playstation 2 Slim 3d model
Pokeball 3d model
FREE Pokeball
USMC Emblem 3d model
Nintendo Gamecube 3d model
Meeseeks Box 3d model
FREE Meeseeks Box