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I am a student who loves programming, running, basketball and 3D modeling! Check out my website: http://thetyrosmith.weebly.com/
Name: Elijah Rain
Member since: Jun 20, 2013
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Blender, Gimp and Inkscape
i7-4770k 16gb RAM 1TB hard drive 250GB SSD Windows 8.1
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Realistic Trees Scene 3d model
low-poly rock 3d model
FREE low-poly rock
Street Light (Lamp) 3d model
Realistic Trees Scene 3d model
Low-poly Rock Set (5 different rocks) 3d model
Bush 3d model
Stop Sign 3d model
FREE Stop Sign
Snowy Terrain 3d model
FREE Snowy Terrain
Crate 3d model
FREE Crate
Christmas (Pine) Tree 1 3d model
Low-Poly Cartoon Pine (Christmas) Tree 3d model
Glass 3d model
FREE Glass
Alien Planet 1 (Lybathan) 3d model
Lego Brick (8x2) 3d model
Candy Cane (Christmas) 3d model
Stereo Speakers v1.0 3d model
Low-Poly Planet Mars 3d model
Low-Poly Stylish Modern Desk (table) 3d model
Antique Candlestick 3d model
Spring Tree 3d model
FREE Spring Tree
Alien Planet 2 (Kayroon) 3d model
Black Floating Robot 3d model
Colored Diamonds 3d model
White Column 3d model
FREE White Column
Low Poly Cafe/Resaurant Umbrella 3d model
Low-Poly Ancient (Roman/Greek) Chariot 3d model
Low-Poly Golden Ring (Band) 3d model
Match 3d model
FREE Match
Pickup Object 3d model
FREE Pickup Object