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Most Creative and Professional 3D Design Studio In Hong Kong. Provide famous and skillful 3D print Job for Fashon and Product Aspect. www.portionstudio.com
Name: Portion Studio
Member since: Jan 15, 2017
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solidwork, zbrush
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Cute Darth Vader 3d model
Baby Groot 3d model
FREE Baby Groot
Mcqueen Lightning Cars 3d model
Mario 3d model
FREE Mario
Minions Bob 3d model
FREE Minions Bob
Maq Rubble 3d model
FREE Maq Rubble
Cute Unicorn 3d model
FREE Cute Unicorn
Minions Carl 3d model
FREE Minions Carl
Mcqueen lightning Cars Posture 2 3d model
Spiderman Head 3d model
Trash Doves 3d model
FREE Trash Doves
Snail 3d model
FREE Snail
Faceless Man Spirited Away 3d model
Minions Stuart 3d model
Owl 3d model
Cute Joker 3d model
FREE Cute Joker