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Residential Buildings 3d model
FREE Residential Buildings
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Array residential Building  3d model
FREE Array residential Building
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Moscow residential building 3d model
Residential building 3d model
FREE Residential building
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Industrial Buildings Set 3d model
Modular Castle / Dungeon Building Set 3d model
building 3d model
FREE building
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building 3d model
FREE building
Building 3d model
FREE Building
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GeometryPolygon Mesh
3D Printable Ready
Game Ready (low poly)
Unwrapped UVsUnknown
3D Models→ Residential Building Set

Residential Building Set 3d model

Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 3 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 4 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 5 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 6 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 7 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 8 Residential Building Set  royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 9
Here is my residential building set with different numbers of floors. I modeled and textured it in Blender from 17.03.2012 to 18.03.2012.

More details
  • VR / AR / Low-poly Yes
  • Geometry Polygon mesh
  • Polygons 1,317
  • Vertices 1,603
  • Textures Yes
  • Materials Yes
  • UV Mapping Yes
  • Unwrapped UVs Overlapping
Residential Buildings Array
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Available formats
  • Unity 3D (.unitypackage)
  • UnrealEngine (.uasset)
  • Blender (.blend) (5 files)
  • 3D Studio (.3ds)
  • Alembic (.abc)
  • Collada (.dae)
  • DXF (.dxf)
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx)
  • MilkShape 3D (.ms3d)
  • Alias/WaveFront Material (.mtl)
  • OBJ (.obj)
  • X3D (.x3d)
  • DirectX (.X)
XxFRoSTxX used this set of buildings for a Dying Light PVP map which is avalibel on Steamcommunity.com.

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Date added: Jan 05, 2016
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could I use this in a game I am working on? if yes than who do i credit these designs to?

cheesydude503 ⋅ 3 days ago ⋅ Reply

hani4d ⋅ 1 week ago ⋅ Reply
can i use these in the free computer benchmark software i'm making ? i will give you credit if you say yes.

peasant_plant ⋅ 3 weeks ago ⋅ Reply
Its AMAZING! I always wanted these gorgeous models! Could you plese allow me to use your model in my game?I will credit you,please? thank you.

thepoketchguy ⋅ 2 months ago ⋅ Reply

nannoyeguiltypleasure ⋅ 2 months ago ⋅ Reply
Thanks a lot!

astraios ⋅ 2 months ago ⋅ Reply
im fucking kidding me

fuuuuuifuhgbu ⋅ 2 months ago ⋅ Reply
im fucking kidding me

fuuuuuifuhgbu ⋅ 2 months ago ⋅ Reply
Thank you very much!!

omosokim ⋅ 3 months ago ⋅ Reply
Hello! Thank you for providing the community with this beautiful model. However, I have one question: Can I use it commercially if I credit you? Thank you for your swift response. Of course, I understand the answer is probably no. Just making sure I don't keep searching when the perfect model is right in front of me. Maloy S. Quinn

lordskloore ⋅ 3 months ago ⋅ Reply
thank you

supriyadi_gunawan ⋅ 4 months ago ⋅ Reply
Thanks for Modals

txdyg ⋅ 4 months ago ⋅ Reply
Hey, this is amazing that you have made it available on so many formats. Not to criticise but your unreal project doesn't open. I left it to setup while I was doing other stuff for about an hour. It just hangs at 45%. I have imported the obj etc and been able to use what you have built anyway. Just thought I should let you know. Again, great work.Thanks

antz236 ⋅ 5 months ago ⋅ Reply
I would like your permission to use your models in some of my work. I do a lot of modding on Nexus, and currently I am working with my 14 Year old son to help him develop a low cost game that we can publish and market under $20 if we can manage it. It would be great to use some of your models for this project as well as my own mods on Nexus. I can add your name to the credits if you like, or we can make other agreements if needed. Thank you for your time and consideration . KillroyICS William Favre

killroyics ⋅ 5 months ago ⋅ Reply
If i place the building in unreal engine my character wont go in like there is a wall or something ... if i place the character in the house he will spawn outside ... can someone help me pls ?

c-h-r-i-s ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
Change the material type to rigid mass ...it Will work

adity11212 ⋅ 6 months ago ⋅ Reply
When you import a model, like this, [Simple Collision] will be applied. That means UE4 basically puts a low poly collision field around your object. You will have to change the collision to [Complex Collision as Simple] in order for the object's collision to be tighter around the building. I hope that makes sense.

20twentyvizion ⋅ 6 months ago ⋅ Reply
nice work ! ....

inkey ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
Excellent work, thank you so much for sharing

thamotion ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
How can I apply the texture for the buildings and inside the rooms?

aaaandy ⋅ 8 months ago ⋅ Reply
Thanks for Modals

gause ⋅ 8 months ago ⋅ Reply

abbas2015 ⋅ 9 months ago ⋅ Reply
Wow, Amazing!

moreboss ⋅ 9 months ago ⋅ Reply
this is really great work

abdulkarim_13 ⋅ 9 months ago ⋅ Reply

gause ⋅ 8 months ago ⋅ Reply
Great work, well done :D

mich_angel ⋅ 9 months ago ⋅ Reply
hey can you go inside the buildings

zacoriot ⋅ 10 months ago ⋅ Reply
Mmmh This Website its Cool Guys

terryraphala ⋅ 10 months ago ⋅ Reply

marlisom121 ⋅ 11 months ago ⋅ Reply
Great Work ! Thanks a Lot

aweda ⋅ 11 months ago ⋅ Reply
HEYY.how do i open the file after download??

prophesah ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
file > import, then select your file type, then the file you wanna import. makes it easy if you drop the .obj on your desktop and import from there

realoptimist ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply
Hello :D Thanks for the 3D Model I will use this Model for my Open-World Survival Game on Unreal Engine 4 Can i show your Name in the Credits of my Game when is finish ? :D

lil_yanick97 ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Cool :) Yes you can :D

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Can I use this for a commercial project for free?

blenderister ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
This is mighty impressive! Very well done!

3dude ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
Thank you :)

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
wow this is awesome! can i use this for free?

doctor1219 ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
Thanks! yes, you can use it for free!

3dhaupt ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
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