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Baby Greed Toy 3d model

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  • GeometryPolygon Mesh
  • Polygons0
  • Vertices0
  • TexturesNo
  • MaterialsNo
  • RiggedNo
  • AnimatedNo
  • 3D Printable ReadyYes
  • Game Ready (low poly)No
  • UV MappedNo
  • Unwrapped UVsUnknown

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This is an ancient toy was made by Night.

It is one of the sets that goes to the character's baby greed the hedgehog.

It is a new item that will be placed in the game one day. Of sonics team.

Any normal baby can use this toy, but not gain the powers from the child.

It is very strong and can knock out a human in seconds.

The yellow ring has a blade like a knife cut.

So be careful what a baby uses that weapon, it will make heavy damage to your skins.

It takes 250 points away from your health point that is very strong or maybe more of a critical hit will cause 1000 hit points.

If he whacks you very hard when it.

It's very pricey and very cool to hold.

The green ball is more like a powers source.

to baby greed the hedgehog baby chaos emeralds.

This rattles supposed to control his powers better to make in a very hit hard.

Strings on the rattles more like whips.

When heavy wind target the rattle it'll make a very loud sound on the whips and it can be used to hit very hard of the enemy given it a 750 point hit.

Along with the rings were released from the rattle and make some heavy, sharp, blow it'll automatically leave the rattle and hit the enemy in seconds of returning back to the rattle.

Baby chaos emeralds are meant to be released from the rattle and target and hit the enemy very hard with its powers.

Be careful with this toy is very heavy and strong any baby can hold this, but can't control the power that is in the rattle it's just a toy.

There are more many items that I make for him. But this item is very rare and very hard to find. Use it for your baby and enjoy. > one more thing if you don't understand me go here  Copy My text and paste it on the board. 

You see a speaker on the Bottom on the left or right. Click one of them if you don't understand that one just change the language.

To Your language so that will fix everything
who is Baby Greed  He is Baby Greed The Hedgehog
Came from the other side of the galaxy. Billy's and zillions of light-years away from  sonic the hedgehog home planet. We traveled so far into the past. Why did he go back to the past. Because baby greed the hedgehog was in trouble of his future time. 

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