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3D Models→ Black Dragon Rigged and Game Ready

Black Dragon Rigged and Game Ready 3d model

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Any ideas on how I can drop this into clip studio? It is perfect for a scene I'm making

lubird ⋅ 2 months ago ⋅ Reply
I have 7+ Dragon models that I want to make (Fully rigged and textured) for youtube, do you mind if I use this as a base to make them? They would look quite different from the original. I'd obviously credit you in my channel description and the video descriptions.

mooneyedmuttwing ⋅ 3 months ago ⋅ Reply
cool. make it available for 3d printing

skilltime ⋅ 3 months ago ⋅ Reply

5656565656 ⋅ 3 months ago ⋅ Reply
Holy cow -- amazing work! Thanks so much!!

cricket ⋅ 3 months ago ⋅ Reply
Amazing job. Thanks!

sshel ⋅ 4 months ago ⋅ Reply
nice job, thanks a lot.

otrocoso ⋅ 4 months ago ⋅ Reply
so cool :*

nopelshinobi ⋅ 4 months ago ⋅ Reply

memameo ⋅ 5 months ago ⋅ Reply

goliath1956 ⋅ 5 months ago ⋅ Reply
Wow echt gute Arbeit

ichwarsnicht93 ⋅ 5 months ago ⋅ Reply
Mr Haupt , I am looking forward to gaining the skills necessary to view this in its full splender , That said , I used blender 2.79 to import the 3DS and export a stunning static for T3D , many thanks .

torkx ⋅ 6 months ago ⋅ Reply
I can't get the textures to load on any file format for this model. Is there something else I'm supposed to do, other than switching to texture mode?

enigma-nyx ⋅ 6 months ago ⋅ Reply
So if I use this for a game we want to sell for like a dollar (or maybe free, haven't decided) how much should we pay back to you for the use of it?

slashion ⋅ 6 months ago ⋅ Reply
Can't i use this at my mobile game even though i give you credits?

lethekun ⋅ 6 months ago ⋅ Reply
lol think your dog broicken

yerda ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
Yo homie. Is this compatable with GMod? I'll happily upload.

omoshiroii ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
Is this compatible with Unreal 4.17.2? I'm going to try and make my first free game with this but I don't want to accidentally mess something up on my first try...

dreamnoble ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
That was awesome model Dude!!!!

kyawkyaw40411 ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
do you have attack animation ?

kupalsichupols1234 ⋅ 7 months ago ⋅ Reply
ive been trying to get this imported into ue4 for months.exactly what ue4 import settings should be used to get this thing into ue4 properly??? it comes out all crazy looking, like the axis settings are wrong, but i cant find the propper ones

connorrefuge66 ⋅ 8 months ago ⋅ Reply
When I saw this, Spyro image comes to me... Amazing model!

johnnydsd ⋅ 10 months ago ⋅ Reply
Great work, thank you!

lordmarius ⋅ 10 months ago ⋅ Reply
I will give you full cridet

mj_tiger ⋅ 10 months ago ⋅ Reply
can I use this for my movie please. I am using blender to make the movie

mj_tiger ⋅ 10 months ago ⋅ Reply

thejenkolls ⋅ 11 months ago ⋅ Reply
In what frames is the animation of that model?

renunciado ⋅ 11 months ago ⋅ Reply
Truly amazing. This is the only free dragon model I can find.

bobmeister ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply
Thanks ! Really! Try to use the search function :)

3dhaupt ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply
Hello, I'm Alejandro, please send me a message to @tudexgames on twitter or to [email protected]

aleavellaneda1 ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply

3dhaupt ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply
can you help me i want to uploud a model but i dont now how

yoloman ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Just follow the instructions! it's easy :)

3dhaupt ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply
how you submit

yoloman ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
You think it's possible to use this in BO3 mod tools?

soultoktzt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
i can work in bo3 tools if u convert it properly

smasher248 ⋅ 10 months ago ⋅ Reply
I am not sure. I've never worked with the BO3 Mod tools. Just try it :)

3dhaupt ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply
Hey, Nice Job! Can I use this model in an animation that I am making if I give credit of course? Thanks!

minegraytv ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Yes you can use it for your animation :)

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
When i import the .fbx in my unity 5.4 i can drag in my scene, but is static, and i don't know how to activate the animation. Could you tell me something? thanks

ddaudiosolutions ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Hello ddaudiosolutions, I just added two fbx files with baked actions and one Unity package to the download for you. That should work.

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Hi ddaudiosolutions, I just added a two fbx files with baked actions and one Unity package to the download for you. That should work.

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
How am I supposed to open this in Maya? When I import the fbx, I can see the dragon but no controllers.

slugg125 ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Hi slugg125, sorry I have no experience with the program maya. But I think you must make some new controller bones for the animation skeleton or something.

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
hello can i use this in unity 3d also

hokagenaruto ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Yes it works in unity 3d. I have tested it. Check out the video I made

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
When i open it in blender everything is pink. Am i doing something wrong please help?

gaverenth ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
You need to unpack the zip and the textures into the same folder.

3dhaupt ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
I will make a Game with a lot of Charakters: Joker, Batman, Nightwing, Dead Pool, Batgirl, Thor, Hulk, Skorpion. Like a Injustice Game but I can't make this charakters. I'm just missing a Joker (Heath Ledger) and a Deadpool. Pls can you help me with Joker.

mrfreak ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
I'm sorry, but I have no time to help you. I hope you will find a person who can help you or just learn rigging characters, it is not so difficult and there are a lot of tutorial out there!

3dhaupt ⋅ 12 months ago ⋅ Reply
Hey really a cool Dragon. I have a question. Could you make me a joker that is rigged and after the Batman the Dark Knights pattern. For Blender

mrfreak ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
I am getting a white rectangular prism over the torso when rendering images and animations a fix or some help would be most appreciated. Also, I am going to use this model for my comic.

dovencio ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Oops I messed up my fault

dovencio ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Yo! I am making a game called SkyClimbers and was wondering if I could use your model in our game?

fizikstudios ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
Yo and Hi fizikstudios, Yes you can use my model for you game SkyClimbers, so far it will be non commercial. If you are interested in a commercial license for this model here is the link to. Best regards Dennis Haupt

3dhaupt ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
I like it

ecadlee ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
Сетка совсем не подходит для анимации, вообще не понимаю, как можно было сделать её настолько кривой.

myaka ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
Сделай лучше, клоун

smax3000 ⋅ 1 year ago ⋅ Reply
Hi! i am making a game that would only be like $0.50 on steam (if it can be greenlit) and i wanted to use this model as the final boss. i would give you full credit but i just wanted to make sure it is okay. :D

netherboss123 ⋅ 3 years ago ⋅ Reply
Hi! No problem you can use my model for your game on steam for free :). If you like you can participate me with 0.005 cents per seller version but that is up to you. Cheers

3dhaupt ⋅ 2 years ago ⋅ Reply
HI Can I use it for my game, game is free. Thanks Regards.

akash2397 ⋅ 3 years ago ⋅ Reply
Hi, sure :) I always like to see what people do with my models. This dragon was already used in some free games. Best regards - Dennis

3dhaupt ⋅ 3 years ago ⋅ Reply
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