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Bugatti Veyron SS 3d model

Bugatti Veyron SS 3d model free Bugatti Veyron SS 3d model free

This is the 3d model of a Bugatti Veyron SS, for free. Bugatti Veyron SS is the fastest road car available today with it's top speed of over 420 km/h, faster than it's predecessor the Bugatti Veyron.

Created by Tom 3D,

Cinema 4D expert

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Please tell if this is a copyright models !!!!
8 months ago ⋅
is on this model any copyright please?
9 months ago ⋅
great modelling
1 year ago ⋅
I have a question. The bugatti has the bugatti brand in front. do you know if i can use them for free or are the brands copyright? We wourld like to make a flyer with the Car but if it is copyright we can`t use the car.
2 years ago ⋅
Amazing model but share .obj or .3ds file please =(
3 years ago ⋅
It's the fastest after SSC Tuatara. Anyway, it's an awesome model.
5 years ago ⋅
This look like a very nice model but could you please fix the Dropbox link, it seems to be disabled due to traffic problems.
5 years ago ⋅
Really cool, This is a great reference model for any C4D users that are looking to get into vehicular modeling as if you can read the lines of how the polygon/edges/vertice are all set and how they intermingle with each other to work with the HyperNURBS modifier. It can really help you improve on your own models.

There are some things missing however this SHOULD be used for Learning Purposes, not to rip off and re-release somewhere else nor take full credit for something you didn't do(except for using it, rendering it, or adding stuff to it.) How does one learn from this? By examining the placement of everything that make up the model.

To do that you must understand the basics of how a Hypernurbs Modifier works and why bevels and chamfers and just outright having multiple edges near each other are so important.

Tom is a really respected person within the Cinema 4D Community(unless you're a pirator then you have no idea who he is). Thanks a bunch mate. I learned a few new tricks that I've applied to my own model and it really looks amazing now.
5 years ago ⋅
Hey uploader please help, the element 3d imports the C4D file but somehow the car is only half there, the other half is not there. If possible can you make OBJ file for this, with textures .
6 years ago ⋅
Can the uploader please upload this in OBJ as well for element 3d i'd really appreciate that....
6 years ago ⋅
6 years ago ⋅
6 years ago ⋅
Very good model, nice and clean but there are no door mirrors- minor issue. Sure I can add that with no problem... Keep up the good work.
6 years ago ⋅
also the silver tubes are to flat on the sides and it has no reverse light in the middle of the brake light pluse no indcators

This is the 3d model of a Bugatti Veyron SS, for free. Bugatti Veyron SS is the fastest road car available today with it's top speed of over 420 km/h, faster than it's (predecessor the Bugatti Veyron).
thats what this car is next time toy make a modle of a car make sure youve got the right car
6 years ago ⋅
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