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Drone Chopper 3d model

Drone Chopper 3d model free Drone Chopper 3d model free Drone Chopper 3d model free Drone Chopper 3d model free Drone Chopper 3d model free

The models has 2 cannons with 3 barrels each. Wheels are NOT foldable. There are objects with DISABLED VIEWING so explore the whole thing before using it. Every light is with disabled editor viewing so that it doesn't lag while in a composition with other models. The model has inside-view rotateable camera named "View". Rotate "Drone Camera". Inside "Drone Camera" you'll find "TARGET".Once you're looking through the inside view rotate "TARGET" to move the target lock (move in steps of 1 degree,otherwise the target lock will go away from the restricting rectangle). Please rate the model. Enjoy!

Created by petar4o0o94,

18 year old teenager fond of modelling,animating and drawing


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amazing model! thanks!
5 years ago ⋅
@mihirolover You're welcome smile
5 years ago ⋅
dude that is realy awsome! where did you come up with the idea for a drone chopper?
5 years ago ⋅
@eaglered I don't really know how I came up with it,I often experiment with no clear idea of what it's going to become.I'm not good at modeling cockpits so I wondered "Well a drone would bring some variety" so I experimented with the hull.The inside camera was a little hard though.Making battle computer display with 3d objects is quite hard,not to mention lighting everything.I'm not quite proud of the "spinning" effect on the rotors.Also the guns need more work.
But I like the shape of it right now so I will not make any big changes.
I'm glad you like the model ^^ .It's main use will be in the new comic I'm going to start in the near future.I have a lot of work to do in making the script..also making characters,tanks,enviroments,guns and so on :S
5 years ago ⋅
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5 years ago
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