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M4A1 3d model

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  • GeometryPolygon Mesh
  • Polygons0
  • Vertices0
  • TexturesNo
  • MaterialsNo
  • RiggedNo
  • AnimatedNo
  • 3D Printable ReadyNo
  • Game Ready (low poly)No
  • UV MappedNo
  • Unwrapped UVsUnknown

Formats & Files

3DS, OBJ, Collada, Cinema 4D, Maya, FBX, Alias/WaveFront Material, SolidWorks
(.3ds, .obj, .dae, .c4d, .mb, .fbx, .mtl, .sldprt)



The M4A1 rifle. Includes a suppressor, laser, flashlight and vertical grip and a holographic sight (High Poly)

Please feel free to use this model in whatever you wish (Projects, games, videos, etc.) I don't mind as long as you reference me. I don't mind re-uploads of a modified version either.
Aug 26, 2012 date added
Oct 22, 2018 last update


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thanks for the awesome contents, I really appreciate
kaysavvage 5 months ago Reply
hi chasieboy317, i am doing some texturing for the gun, and i published it in sketchfab. thankyou for the model, i am using it only for practice
raikogen 11 months ago Reply
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bhw0423 12 months ago Reply
ahmedsniper38 12 months ago Reply
nottheboss 1 year ago Reply
is it without color?
nikolazdraveski 1 year ago Reply
mamadreza89 1 year ago Reply
mamadreza89 1 year ago Reply
hello sir, i fully rigged it and like to republish it...
eladshahar22 1 year ago Reply
please doooooo
sotoaustin02 11 months ago Reply
World i be able to use this for a Movie.
rainbine1337 2 years ago Reply
Brazil Sou Br
zfgamerbr 2 years ago Reply
umarsh 1 year ago Reply
umarsh 1 year ago Reply
e noisssss
paulog1g2 2 years ago Reply
is it have animation
ashwingammer 2 years ago Reply
can i 3d print this ?
eldiospelusa 2 years ago Reply
I think u need to separate the models in order to make it realistic
khrizz 2 years ago Reply
Are you planning to rob a bank? :) and artist if you read this, you have done a great job.
stan_d 2 years ago Reply
may I use this model for a project I am making?
spookymarker872 2 years ago Reply
may I use this model for a project I am making?
spookymarker872 2 years ago Reply
I am a very poor person from a 3rd world country I am attempting to make a game in Unity Engine which is free. I would really like to use your model in my game do I please have your permission? I have decided to ask because I know its the honest and right thing to do. It would mean the world to me if you can give me a head start, if my game makes money I will be happy to donate something for your kindness.
john5220 2 years ago Reply
urmumhavebiggay 1 year ago Reply
can i use it for a game too ?
theghostboy 3 years ago Reply
lluis12 3 years ago Reply
can i pleaseeeee use this for my game ? if you have an android , i can send you a copy of the game if you like . This is AMAZING!!!
zapdos 4 years ago Reply
Can I use this Weapon for my public Blender FPS?
mytubecj 4 years ago Reply
tharidu 6 years ago Reply
Can I use this in a mod I'm making for Counter-Strike Source?
6 years ago Reply
chasieboy317 6 years ago Reply
Hello Chasieboy317, i was looking around at the online models and i seemed to take an intrest in your models....ok so me and a few of the guys i know are making a new Zombie game...ITS GOING TO BE A BIG far as we think anyway, and this game might just be accepted into the market one day; hah so basicaly think of call of duty and then make it completely Zombified if thats even a word haha. So this game will have about 3 modes. Campaign, Horde, and survival. I have so much more i want to tell you to let you in on what we are doing but i cannot because this message has a limitt... i was wonderiing if you could send me your email? then i can contact you and tell you more about this game. I hope that it will intrest you. what i mean is i was wondering if maybe you would like to help me out with modeling weapons for this game. my team is lacking in people and skills and i need someone like you who can model realistic weapons...we have a long list of weapons so i am in desperate need of help. i promise you that if you decide to help out, and once this game is finnished we will send you this game for free for any consol of your choice. and yes your name will be put into the credits.

i hope i can speak with you again and i hope that you might be interested in helping us out.
my best,
eaglered 6 years ago Reply
Sorry for getting back so late. I haven't been on this site for so long. DayZ took over my life. LOL. I'll send you my email in PM
chasieboy317 6 years ago Reply
Hey, is it possible that I use that model for my YouTube Video Intro? It looks amazing!
6 years ago Reply
I have no problem. Can you send me a link to the intro when it's done. I would like to see it.
chasieboy317 6 years ago Reply
ow the hell do i DL the DAE?
7 years ago Reply
Does this has textures?
7 years ago Reply
No i'm afraid not. I'm terrible at texturing.
chasieboy317 7 years ago Reply
biggrin thanks
7 years ago Reply