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Peugeot 305 3D Model

Peugeot 305 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
Peugeot 305 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
Peugeot 305 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 1
Peugeot 305 royalty-free 3d model - Preview no. 2
Personal Use License
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  • GeometryPolygon Mesh
  • Polygons0
  • Vertices0
  • TexturesNo
  • MaterialsNo
  • RiggedNo
  • AnimatedNo
  • 3D Printable ReadyNo
  • Game Ready (low poly)No
  • UV MappedNo
  • Unwrapped UVsUnknown

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Created Peugeot 305 model just for a practice.
Jan 15, 2017 date added
May 27, 2019 last update


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Can I use your model for my commercial game?
dak4er 7 months ago Reply2
Yes you can
ghostwarrior6704 5 months ago Reply2
Hey Alex. First of all, congratulations for your model of peugeot 305 so "frenchy" . I love it because my faver had a blue one and I'm so happy to find french 3D car of the 1980 's ! I am writing from France to ask you if I can use it in my favorite game "Trainz" as a decorative element. I would like to modify it a little (new colors - new wheels -  French license plate), transform it in a correct format for my favorite game. Please give me you'r permission to do that and share it with my friends for free in its different colors with my community on our forum of TrainZ enthusiasts. Thank you in advance for your answer. I will give you the credit for your work. Phil
cadel 2 years ago Reply2
Hi Phil. You can use this model anywhere.
ghostwarrior6704 1 year ago Reply2
Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for this!
slimmy 2 years ago Reply2
Hey dude this car is awesome I'm wondering if I can use this in a game I'm making
kwallace1 2 years ago Reply2
everyone can use this model in any project.
ghostwarrior6704 2 years ago Reply2
Hey Author nice model just wanted your permission to use your model in my game i'll give you the credit for your work of course
torino 2 years ago Reply2
No problem. Use it anywhere
ghostwarrior6704 12 months ago Reply2