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Small Desert City 3d model

Small Desert City 3d model free Small Desert City 3d model free

This is a small city i designed for a section in my game using Unity3D. 


.obj, .mtl
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I use
2 months ago ⋅
hey can use this for my game
2 months ago ⋅
hey can use this for my game
2 months ago ⋅
Wow, so cool man. Can I use it in video projections for show, please?
3 months ago ⋅
1 year ago ⋅
@thomas_burt Sure Lol
1 year ago ⋅
mekka ? qabaa ? :D
2 years ago ⋅
Can i make a 3D animation and post it on youtube? :) I need a scenery but it's really hard to make.
2 years ago ⋅
@raptureface Sure you can! Just tag the download file to the video. Hope it goes well!
2 years ago ⋅
I can't import the file to 3dsmax, how can I use it?
3 years ago ⋅
@lordcarlostux Well, I'm pretty sure i stored a .obj file in their which should open in ads max, but iff not, then its because ads max is a windows only program. try using Maya, Cinema 4D, or Blender
3 years ago ⋅
@john_connor Still it's kinda giving error :/ OBJ into 3Ds max = a big red 3D block :/ no city
2 weeks ago ⋅
great model.....would be useful to use it in my game
3 years ago ⋅
@shaiksha35 Go right ahead.
3 years ago ⋅
great work :) do you have a texture for it?
3 years ago ⋅
@irfan1690 To be honest i don't, i just used any desert brick texture and it worked.
3 years ago ⋅
wow... +1
3 years ago ⋅
Why does this look so much like Mos Eisley from Star Wars Battlefront?
3 years ago ⋅
@mars075 Because Mos Eisely was done in a desert like manner. Lol..
3 years ago ⋅
can i use this in my game??
3 years ago ⋅
@telekives Yes. by all means, do so. Email me if you need anything.
3 years ago ⋅
great work i love it
3 years ago ⋅
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3 years ago
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