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Trees 9 3d model

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  • GeometryPolygon Mesh
  • Polygons0
  • Vertices0
  • TexturesNo
  • MaterialsNo
  • RiggedNo
  • AnimatedNo
  • 3D Printable ReadyNo
  • Game Ready (low poly)No
  • UV MappedNo
  • Unwrapped UVsUnknown

Formats & Files

(.3ds, .obj)



Read the first in trees series.
Feb 24, 2013 date added
Jul 20, 2018 last update


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no obj file.....
jkbot463 7 months ago Reply
Unfortunately not available as .obj formats as advertized. :(
tllvh 8 months ago Reply
zcreatives 8 months ago Reply
Thank you so much
dragpalace 8 months ago Reply
thank you
yuriena 8 months ago Reply
bugmenot1 9 months ago Reply
Hello brother... Can I edit this file in photoshop?? Please help me....
neee_t 8 months ago Reply
thk u ! ;))
michelalpha 9 months ago Reply
Thank You!
shahassamad 9 months ago Reply
breno337 9 months ago Reply
it's beautiful
adrianfsf 9 months ago Reply
noor-ahmad 9 months ago Reply
can i download it for free?
noli 5 months ago Reply
akbarhhh 9 months ago Reply
akbarhhh 9 months ago Reply
that looks so realistic, i love ittt
dee3py 10 months ago Reply
viivii 11 months ago Reply
textures files are corrupt??
james_kaley 11 months ago Reply
leandresompacheco 11 months ago Reply
bulder 12 months ago Reply
bulder 12 months ago Reply
Why are they all in a single file?
cryolophysis 12 months ago Reply
Thanks for that
graphicltt 12 months ago Reply
Thank you
fairistjoker 12 months ago Reply
Thank you
barradas 12 months ago Reply
Thank you
kornbooksk1969 12 months ago Reply
skywalker924 12 months ago Reply
alexisyang 1 year ago Reply
hi playlikegod.. can u tell me what software you used for game design
akashgameak 1 year ago Reply
He Used Vue
shadow_hunter477 12 months ago Reply
can I use these for my game
playlikeagod 1 year ago Reply
thank u sooooooo much
nimal 1 year ago Reply
thank u so much
suman12 1 year ago Reply
não consigo baixar, alguém pode me ajudar? clico em download mas a página só atualiza e n baixa.
gondimlari 1 year ago Reply
anuragnanda 1 year ago Reply
thank you can i use in my game
shrh24 1 year ago Reply
Looks really nice! But how can I import it to make it work properly? Because right now I can't see the leaves
aleix10kst 1 year ago Reply
Thank you, nice job!
limfoman 2 years ago Reply
thanks men
renoman 1 year ago Reply
thanks! :3
moonstorm 2 years ago Reply
this one says in the description there's an OBJ but is really not included
alexandrapr369 2 years ago Reply
No objs anywhere
azzazel 3 years ago Reply
Where's the fucking alpha channels???
mrocelot 3 years ago Reply
Use another program, all other have no problem!!
kim 3 years ago Reply
You do as you will, because I can not figure out the rules there are for these models.
kim 4 years ago Reply
I can make use of its design with educational purposes I am creating an application with educational and non-commercial purposes
jorgeluis 4 years ago Reply
cám ơn rất nhiều !
choancuc 4 years ago Reply
In english, thanks
kim 4 years ago Reply
Cant find .obj file (It seems like it should be there...)
heiski 4 years ago Reply
Something must have gone wrong, I do not have the program anymore, so I can not help you.
kim 4 years ago Reply
i need help cos Ive got problems trying to download the free models. I'm new into element 3d but its becoming frustrating when i can't access these free models
odummichael28-nwanne 4 years ago Reply
To download the models hit the download button
kim 4 years ago Reply
Greate job you have made with this plants. If you want to sell your models, try it here You can give it away or you can sell it. There is alot og stuff in that site.
kim 5 years ago Reply
compañero se puede para uso comercial? o tiene que aber algun tipo de trato como?
alexiss 5 years ago Reply
thanks so much
djobino 5 years ago Reply
Your Welcome :O)
kim 5 years ago Reply
Thank you.
niki12 5 years ago Reply
Your Welcome :O)
kim 5 years ago Reply
thank you :)
quasar 5 years ago Reply