3D Models

3D Metal Models

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Sean Dix Copine Chair 3d model
$24.99 Sean Dix Copine Chair
.obj .fbx .3ds .max
Guitar electric 3d model
$25 Guitar electric
Vent Duct Set 02 3d model
$19 Vent Duct Set 02
.obj .fbx .max
Metal folding chair 3d model
$16 Metal folding chair
.obj .max .ma .fbx
scissor 3d model
$5 scissor
.obj .fbx .3ds .max
Skateboard Trucks 3d model
$22 Skateboard Trucks
.oth .obj .ma .max .fbx .c4d
Notebook Samsung NP300-SO3IT 3d model
Wall Accessory_03 3d model
$24 Wall Accessory_03
.obj .max .fbx .dxf .3ds
Mall Railing 3d model
$10 Mall Railing
.obj .max
M9 Beretta Handgun W/Silencer 3d model
$20 M9 Beretta Handgun W/Silencer
.max .3ds .obj .fbx
Trophy Cup 3d model
$15 Trophy Cup
.obj .max .c4d
Hook 3d model
$10.0 Hook
.obj .max .3ds
Door Knocker Lion Head 3d model
$19 Door Knocker Lion Head
.fbx .max
Freight Train 2 3d model
$20 Freight Train 2
.fbx .dwg .x .obj .3ds .max
Old Crowbar 3d model
$6 Old Crowbar
.oth .obj .fbx .3ds .c4d
Emergency Stairs 3d model
$10 Emergency Stairs
.obj .fbx .dxf .dae .c4d .3ds
Low Poly Spears 3d model
$8 Low Poly Spears
.max .obj .fbx .dae .3ds
Low Polygon Coach 1 3d model
$1.99 Low Polygon Coach 1
.c4d .obj .oth .max .fbx .dxf .3ds
Front End Loader 3d model
$20 Front End Loader
.fbx .dxf .dwg .dae .obj .x .3ds .max
Steel Hammer 3d model
$5 Steel Hammer
Battle Axe 3d model
$25 Battle Axe
.3ds .max
Castle Door 3d model
$20 Castle Door
.c4d .fbx .max .3ds
Bacteriophage (T4 virus) with DNA on bacterium model 3d model
Junk 3d model
$5 Junk
.obj .dxf .c4d .3ds
tire 11 (truck 1) 3d model
$14.99 tire 11 (truck 1)
.max .obj .fbx .oth
Caster Wheels 3d model
$19 Caster Wheels
.max .fbx .3ds .obj
shopping cart 3d model
$15 shopping cart
.max .3ds
Office Desk 12 3d model
$18 Office Desk 12
.3ds .max .lwo .dxf .obj .xsi
Office Chair 05 3d model
$22 Office Chair 05
.3ds .max .obj .lwo .dxf .xsi
Stainless Steel Elephant Model 3d model
Wash point 22 3d model
$24.95 Wash point 22
.obj .3ds .max
Garden set 3d model
$17 Garden set
.oth .max
caixa eletricidade grande c4d.rar 3d model
gauntlet 3d model
$24 gauntlet
.fbx .max .3ds
pirate sword 3d model
$16 pirate sword
.obj .max
Hammer 3d model
$15 Hammer
.obj .3ds .max
A head and a mask 3d model
$4.99 A head and a mask
.ma .oth .wrl .obj .max .fbx .dxf .3ds
Knight Shield with lion coat of arms -  blazon 3d model
metal roof collection 3d model
$15 metal roof collection
.obj .3ds .max
Arc & Corner Truss Collection 3d model
$10.0 Arc & Corner Truss Collection
.obj .max .fbx .dae .3ds
Off Road Wheel ROCKSTAR & TOYO 3d model
Scaffolding 3d model
$12.0 Scaffolding
.obj .max .ma .fbx .oth
Old Rusty Tractor 3d model
$18.0 Old Rusty Tractor
.max .fbx .3ds
Cabinet Hinge 3d model
$8.0 Cabinet Hinge
.obj .max
Browning High Power (HP) 9mm 1942-1943 3d model
$9.99 Browning High Power (HP) 9mm 1942-1943
.oth .obj .fbx .max
hand grenade m67 3d model
$19.0 hand grenade m67
.obj .max
Metal Detector gate 3d model
$17.0 Metal Detector gate
.obj .max .fbx
Eames Molded Plastic Chair with Wooden Base 3d model
$18.0 Eames Molded Plastic Chair with Wooden Base
.oth .obj .ma .fbx .c4d
Medieval fighting axe 3d model
$25.0 Medieval fighting axe
.obj .3ds .c4d
Iron Bench 3d model
$25.0 Iron Bench
.max .obj .fbx .3ds
Iron Pot 3d model
$19.0 Iron Pot
.obj .max
Bistro Table & Chairs 3d model
$4.0 Bistro Table & Chairs
.3ds .max
Garden Furniture 3d model
$14.90 Garden Furniture
.max .obj .fbx .3ds
axe 3d model
$19.0 axe
.max .obj .fbx
Xavier Pauchard - Metal Bar Stool 3d model
Lexmod Bertoia Barstool 3d model
$18.0 Lexmod Bertoia Barstool
.obj .max
Kettal Net Club Armchair 3d model
$19.0 Kettal Net Club Armchair
.obj .fbx .max
Shelf 3d model
$25.0 Shelf
.oth .ma .obj .fbx .max
Security Attendance Robot 3d model
$12.0 Security Attendance Robot
.max .oth .obj .fbx .3ds